Super-Sized Blog Watch Wednesday Pt. II!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Sad to say I was working an 18 hour shift last Wednesday, which is why there was no BWW that week. So, here I am to make up for the lack with a bonus one.. well, really just the links I missed putting out last week. But with no further ado, here we go.

Reviews I've Posted: 

Bite Me by Parker Blue (3/5; young-adult paranormal/supernatural)

Try Me by Parker Blue (3.5/5; young-adult paranormal/supernatural)

Fang Me by Parker Blue (3/5; young-adult paranormal/supernatural)

Lord of the Wolfyn by Jessica Andersen (3.75/5; romance novel-ish, fairytale retelling, supernatural/paranormal)
Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts (4/5; young-adult, apocalyptic, horror, zombies)

The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges (4/5; young-adult, historical fiction, supernatural/paranormal)

The Always War by Margaret Peterson Haddix (3/5; MG, general fiction)
Fun Stuff From The Internet:

Anne Rice isn't afraid to call out the Cullens. I'm not a huge fan of ANY of her novels (Interview with a Vampire bored me to tears and I quit that series entirely after The Vampire Lestat) but I'd rather read her version than Stephenie Meyer's any day.

The amazing and talented Audra has a great interview with historical fiction author Stephanie Dray you should definitely check out. Also don't miss the review Audra posted to go along with.

Did you know that for Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage, for which she was paid $17.9 MILLION for the wedding itself, earned her $10, 385/HOUR? I now propose anything taking around/about 72 days shall be referred to as a "kardashian." As in, "How many days did you travel, Europe?" "Oh, just about a kardashian. Two months is too short and three months is too long."

This seems to tie in nicely with Kim K's paycheck stats: If The U.S Land Was Divided like U.S. Wealth.

Despite the NBA lockout, at least according to Nike, "basketball never stops." I keep hoping for some salvation of this season, but it is not looking likely. College hoops, you better step it up.

Along with that, website Slate examines just why there are so many zombies in today's popular culture

New Hunger Games posters have been rolling out these last few weeks from Lionsgate! My personal favorite? Effie. By far one of the  most annoying characters, the costume/advertising teams got her portrait exactly right.

An oral history of the classic, "The Princess Bride." Any child of the late 80s/early 90's must read.

F. Scott Fitzgerald was a class act (with a badass signature to boo!) Check out this hand-written letter he penned to a young fan in 1925.

I loveloveLOVED this takedown of director Roland Emmerich's new film about Shakespeare Anonymous

If you love your Harry P like I love my Harry P (aka firecely  and perhaps a bit too intensely), be warned! Warner Brothers is plotting a dastardly and Disneyesque plan to put Harry in a "moratorium" on December 29, of this year! Indefinitely! Get 'em while the getting is good, folks. After December 29, eBay will be your only hope for a slightly damaged copy of Harry's Hogwartian adventures.

Speaking of Disney: THIS is an awesome video of Disney cartoons edited to replay the beginning of Sin City. It is ridiculously fantastic. 

Summer is definitely over, but you can look at these 15 fantastic sand sculptures to capture a quick feel of a hot breeze!

Replacing FUCKYEAHDISNEYSONGS and Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses for Most Awesome Tumblr of the Week is: parksandmeth! Combining two hits from two very different veins, this mashup of Parks & Rec with Breaking Bad is made of win. And laughter.

From Flavorwire: Surprising Hobbies of of Famous Authors. I was surprised by a few!

And another from the same site: Fake Books From Fiction We Wish We Could Read. I'd like to get my hands on Voyages with Vampires!

If you're a football/Green Bay Packers fan, you've heard of Aaron Rodgers. Sure, he's a great player.. but did you know he is the king of photobombing? It makes me love him all the more.

Are you on Twitter a lot? If you want to, you can make a poster FOR your own twitter, using the words of your very own tweets! Give it a try - it's fun!

The Worldwide Campaign to Knit Sweaters (For Penguins). It really is a cuteness overload. Be warned.

China's most expensive movie ever, The Flowers of War, finally has a trailer! It's Christian Bale in a drama about the horrific 1937 Nanking Massacre. At $94million, this movie is China's entry for the Best Foreign Language Academy Award.

Speaking of my future husband and his many film endeavors, an 8-minute prologue to his Dark Knight Rises will play before Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible IV.

And the weekly roundup of articles too hilarious/awesome to pass up:

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday, so I may post a review or I may not leave my bed all day. Who knows? But I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week!


  1. I am all over these links -- thank you for including me in the roundup and your kind words -- you're the bestest!

    The Sin City remixed trailer with Disney characters is messed up/awesome. BRILLS. I kind of want to see that movie now!

    I was less than impressed with the list of fake books we'd love to read -- so many great ones were missing! The books by the poets from Possession, the Hourglass novel from The Oracle of Stamboul...I'm sure there's more but I'm blanking.

  2. Hi, Jessie! You've done an amazing job collecting these links which will divert me for at least a Kardashian. I don't know where to start! Oh, yes I do. Happy Belated 24th Birthday!

    Stephanie ~Misfit Salon~

  3. This post was awesome, even if I did just spend a half hour clicking on links. :)

  4. Audra: You're welcome. I feel like your blog deserves all the attention and more! ;) The Sin City one is one of favorite links from this post - darkly fascinating! And I have yet to read any of those novels with the fictional novels but now I want to!

    Hi Stephanie! Thanks for stopping by. I have a lot of fun with my Blog Watches and I'm beyond thrilled you used "kardashian" in a sentence! And thank you!

    Libby: haha, that's what I planned!


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