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Wednesday, February 15, 2012
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I want, I want, I want. Purses/bags made from old books.

Sixteen Things Calvin and Hobbes Said Better Than Anyone Else. "You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants don’t help." is quite famous, but there are some even better ones in there. They even comment on hipsters before it was cool.

Hey, you can read 18 pages of Robin Wasserman's forthcoming fantastic, spooky, engrossing new YA novel, The Book of Blood and Shadow! I LOVED this book; I loved this book's main character; I loved where this book was set and all the history involved. You want to read this book.

 It's widely known that Whitney Houston has died. At only 48, this woman had years and years ahead of her. It's a shame she died - especially when you consider she had a voice that could do this. Her isolated vocals are staggering, not not only on I Will Always Love You, but even her pop records.

This is hilarious - "George R. R. Martin" reads children's books. The mix of "Baa Baa Black Sheep" + the Night's Watch vow = too amusing.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, so here are some amusing Westerosi/ASOIAF Valentine's Day cards. The one with Bran's "I think I am falling for you" - both horrible and so so awesome.  

Speaking of Valentine's Day - did you know it was first associated with romantic love (instead of Christian martyrs) around the High Middle Ages thanks to Geoffrey Chaucer and his crowd? Thanks, Geoff!

How hey, did you see? Matthew Broderick was cool again for 2.5 minutes.  Y'know if selling out your most iconic character to shill for a car company is "cool".

Have you seen Kristen Bell's epic and hilarious meltdown over a sloth? It both endeared her even more to me, and showed me a new way to express my emotional range. "If I'm not between a 3 and a 7 on the emotional scale, I'm crying. I'm crying if it's too sad, or if I am too excited." How great is KBell? I need to start watching Veronica Mars.

I want to go - and buy a book from - them all.

Oh hey, remember when Ralph Fiennes was hilarious and unexpected and read Harry Potter fanfic porn as Lord Voldemort in his pajamas and it was the best/most random thing ever? While that may never be topped in sheer scope of WTF, the HP cast is just awesome and strange. Enjoy Gary Oldman's dramatic reading of Snooki's UTI.

Also: Samuel L. Jackson reads the audiobook for Go the F*ck to Sleep, a book I'm pretty sure an alter ego of his wrote onde day when he had a psychotic break from reality.

Along with the new trailer, the Hunger Games marketing has started to roll out. I love that it's both thematic and creepy. Well done.

This was a pretty interesting read: The High Stakes Behind the Hunger Games.

If you've never heard of Nancy Wake, the "White Mouse of WWII" you're probably not alone but you really really should read up about her. She died in 2011, but she was one hell of a woman and resistance fighter.

The Huffington Post has a March Madness-style bracket challenge for "the Best Jesus Movie."  I haven't seen any of the semifinalists, so I'm not voting in this one.

Anatomy of a Tearjerker - Why can Adele's "Someone Like You"  make anyone/everyone cry. An answer - with science!

Speaking of Adele, she swept all 6 categories she was nominated for at Sunday's Grammy's. I did a happy dance each and every time.

But, the Grammy's should be ashamed about their position and acceptance of Chris Brown. This article details why you should be offended by his invitation + performance better and more fully than I ever could, but I will continue to ignore/blacklist CB forever.

Also the Grammy's released these tongue-in-cheek infographics for the albums nominated for Album of the Year.

10 of the Greatest Kisses in Literature. I love that they included the one from Peter Pan. Adorable, though I could've done without Romeo/Juliet being included.

From Cracked:
and my two personal favorites - seriously, READ THEM:

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