Book Tour Review: Return to the Outer Banks House by Diann Ducharme

Friday, June 19, 2015
Title: Return to the Outer Banks House
Author: Diann Ducharme
Genre: historical fiction
Series: Untitled #2
Pages: 418
Published: December 2014
Source: Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for review
Rating: 3/5

She was the spirited daughter of a North Carolina plantation owner, and he was a poor fisherman who she tutored on the porch of her family's Nags Head cottage. When we last saw Abigail Sinclair and Ben Whimble at the close of "The Outer Banks House," they'd overcome their differences in life stations and defied convention to begin their new life together.

But now it's seven years later, and "Return to the Outer Banks House" finds the couple married and in hard times-riddled by poverty, miscarriages, and weakened family ties. The strong bonds that once held them together have eroded over time, and their marriage threatens to unravel, particularly when relationships from the past and ambitions for the future find their way into the mismatched couple's present predicament.

Can their love survive? Or are the challenges they face insurmountable? "Return to the Outer Banks House" carries readers back to 1875 to answer these questions and explore the ebb and flow of a rocky marriage set against the enchanting North Carolina shoreline. Replete with history, intrigue, and plenty of maritime drama, it's an evocative tale of struggle in the Reconstruction-era South.

Earlier this month, I read Diann Ducharme's debut novel The Outer Banks House (and reviewed it here). A historical fiction novel that focused on the unlikely but interesting tale of a planter's daughter and a poor fisherman in 1860's Nags Head, it was detailed, fresh, and inviting. Diann Ducharme once again returns to those same characters and same place in North Carolina in a further exploration of the lives of Abby and Ben with Return to the Outer Banks House.

Set in the late 1870's both Ben and Abby are featured prominently with alternating POVs like before, but with Return to the Outer Banks House Ducharme gives (a memorable) voice to Eliza Dickens, a former side character from the first book. Eliza's view differs from the others in a lot of important ways and also forms a different side than the one previously known of Ben. She's an interesting character and she adds a lot to both the story and the cast. She can be difficult and unlikeable, but Eliza has personality and a voice.

This book is a bit bleak, I have to admit. A lot of the turns and plotting can be frustrating for anyone who was wholly satisfied with how The Outer Banks House left things at the end. Return to the Outer Banks House does a lot of different things both for and to the characters, usually playing with the theme of love and change as it does, but it can be dispiriting to read for fans. That said, fans who want more time spent with these characters will find hundreds of pages to do so here with the sequel.

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