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 Meet the Ageless Pages Review Team !

 Hi! I'm Jessie. Lifelong reader, book blogger since 2011!

 This is my face. If you see it at BEA/a signing, come say hi!

• cleverly disguised as a responsible adult • has a thing for dragonlords, be they Targaryen or Berkish •  lion-hearted girl • Ravenclaw • 93% stardust • wino • fan of foul language stalwart feminist • forever waging a battle against the ever-increasing TBR Likes: Ryan, dogs, books, Oxford commas, & your shoes

I read a lot and I like a very wide variety of genres.
 Favorites include:
 Fantasy, sci-fi/steampunk, nonfiction, and historical fiction -- both YA and adult.

Jessie's Rating System:  

  I loved this book. It captured my attention and interest and never let go. 

A good book, almost great. Definitely filed into the "recommend and reread" shelf.
 Good ideas, poor execution; or alternatively, poor ideas, good execution. Needs work, but not a total loss.
 There's a glimmer of hope, but it's hopelessly mired in the novel with the characters and plot development. 
Nothing worth salvaging from this mess.

I reserve the right to half-stars, as I'm an indecisive wench a lot of the time.


This is Danielle's face. If you see her at BEA/signing, come say hi! Maybe bring coffee if she's snarling.

Danielle's love of books began early, when she informed her mother she was returning her younger sister because, "she's chewing on them!" Since then, she ended up keeping the sister and the books, reading then entire YA section of her public library, (did she mention she grew up in a VERY small town?) and working as a junior librarian through school. Yes, that's right, she can say she was once a sexy librarian. 

In more recent years, Danielle works entirely too much as an office manager. When she's not working or reading, she's playing with her cat, (Kitten McNugget,) making crafts, or taking photos.. She still has a deep fondness for epic fantasy, though she's mostly moved onto shorter, fluffier ground. (An unfortunate consequence to that "entirely too much work" issue, previously mentioned.)  Mostly she reads YA fantasy, historical fiction, paranormal, and romance. 

You can find her on twitter or on Goodreads.

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