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Thursday, August 4, 2011
So, I had a major blonde week. I've been a day behind (every day, apparently) and thought yesterday was Tuesday and today Wednesday. Thus, with no further ado and a day late, this weeks Blog Watch.

Darwin's theory of evolution - as applied to the written word. Evolution, Not Extinction is the title of the article and it's really, really interesting. The article is a bit older (from April) but I've just found it and had to share.

Harper Perennial has an awesome sale going on right now - $20 for 20 ebooks. There's a nice variety of authors and genres, so check it out if you need some reading material. Or have cash to burn, you lucky devil.

Child loses father at Comic-Con. Cuteness ensues. No, really.

THIS infographic bothered me a lot. Just... wow.

A great piece of fan art for George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.

Has the Zodiac Code been broken? One man says yes.

Unfortunately, that's all I ahave this time. I've got two house guests so time is pressed for me this week. I do have reviews for Before I Fall and Knight's Curse coming up! I hope to have at least one of them up by tomorrow. And to anyone I haven't answered on email: I promise an answer is forthcoming -- soon!


  1. I awarded you an award on my blog,

  2. Very nice round up!! Some interesting stuff -- the ComicCon pic killed me with the cute and that infographic was frightening! Can't wait to see your reviews -- have fun with your houseguests!

  3. I feel like I'm doing my part by not having children (disturbing graphic) and I'm off to check out Harper now!


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