Mid-Year Challenge Checkup

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Way far back in January, I made a few blog resolutions for myself. It's basically a sliding scale of success thus far into 2017 but I've always worked well with goals. 2017 continues to be a pretty great year, blogging-wise, for APR. Dani and I have some truly excellent content (did you see our Kentucky Friend Romance review?) and we seem to have it our stride.

That said, let's check in with the blogging resolutions from past-Jessie.

1. Have Fun.

Done and done. For me the last 7 months of blogging have been the best. I had been on the verge of a long hiatus -- to de-stress, to get ahead of my ARC queue and to catch up on reviews -- when I really got it through my head that this is a hobby. If I don't want to blog -- I don't. Relaxing my schedule and letting myself reread, etc. has reinvigorated my love for book blogging.

2. Aim for 22 posts per month

Also done! So far we've had/will have at least 22 posts each of the first six months of 2017! That has never happened before. I hope it continues for a while -- and since I have August posts both scheduled and drafted... it looks likely. I always tend to have flagging enthusiasm/energy when Thanksgiving/Xmas roll around so I am not betting it lasts all year.

3. Write More Discussion Posts

This, I had thought, would be the biggest struggle for me on the list. I have always said I want to write more of these... and never do. But, thus far in 2017, I have posted four (genre phases, recollecting, Beyond Merry Old England, surprise sequels) with several more drafted. Discussion posts have quickly become a fun and easy outlet for my random bookish opinions and thoughts.

4. Respond/Comment Back

Though I think I do okay, I won't give myself a complete pass on this. There are weeks when I am VERY good at responding and visiting friends' blogs... and then there are admittedly some weeks where I am overwhelmed or just mentally unable. Still, I am doing better with this than I was last year.

5. Cross-Post Reviews

ZERO. I have cross-posted ZERO reviews to Amazon or B&N. I am ashamed. I have a MASSIVE backlog that need doing, which is part of why I endlessly procrastinate, and I know it's super helpful for authors. Which is why I WILL DO THE THING, JESSIE.

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