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Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Review's I've Posted:

Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe (3/5 stars, fairytale retelling, romance novel-ish)

Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine (3/5 stars, supernatural fiction, young-adult)
Without Tess by Marcella Pixley (4/5 stars, young-adult, contemporary)
Virtuosity by Jessica Martinez (4/5 stars, young-adult, contemporary)

Internet Awesomeness:

I have quite a few links about the Lauren Myracle Shine/Chime debacle that went on over at the National Book Award. 
Here's author (and fan) Libba Bray's take on the event. (Libba Bray's blog)
And another article from the Huffington Post on the screwup. (Huffington Post)

How many of these famous - and cartoonified - characters can you name? "Both eye candy and nerd quiz" I had a lot of fun trying to figure everyone out. (Buzzfeed)

All of you should check out Better World Books for bookbuying needs. Not only do they have an amazing sale going on right now (50% over thousands of books) but there is FREE SHIPPING and!! if/when you buy a book from the site, they donate another book to an in-need charity! They've raised over $10 MILLION for charities, with over 5 million books donated. I personally bought America Pacifica, Insatiable, Feed, Specials, Tithe, and Briar Rose for less than $13!

If you have an iPhone, you can turn your phone into a typewriter! Just so cool, and once again, thank you Steve Jobs for all you created for this world.

Replacing last week's Most Awesome Tumblr in the World (FUCKYEAHDISNEYSONGS), this week I bring you: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Noses! I literally lol'd at some of these - Barack Obama's is perfect! Sometimes I just love the internet SO HARD.

This awesome lady makes science fiction themed nail polish! I think I'd buy "No Medal for Chewie."

If you're a Hunger Games fan (I am!) then you're probably already aware they've rolled out all 13 district poster seals! I got sorted into District 1 - aka Luxury and I like the posters for all.

Great authors - and the snacks they loved! Check out Byron and his vinegar, Walt Whitman's oysters for breakfast.... (NYTimes)

Another NYT article: a review of Laini Taylor's amazing novel Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I'm not going to stop pimping this book (read my review!!) so really, save yourself some repetition and GO BUY IT.

And a Cracked Weekly Roundup:
The last one is probably my favorite -

"What fan of the Avengers and the Justice League hasn't also spent hours staring out windows or lying awake in bed thinking, "Sure, superhero team-ups are neat, but what about my favorite historical figures? Who is out there to write their crossovers?"

Well ask no more, because someone has finally stepped up to pen those stories, and his name is history. We already live in a world in which brilliant, crazy and influential people have teamed up in unlikely partnerships. The results were usually insane, if not world-changing."
Enjoy your week everyone. I'm working on three reviews of the Demon Underground series by Parker Blue and hoping to get to some historical fiction about Catherine of Russia in The Winter Palace!


  1. Better World Books sounds great! I rarely buy books but they seem like the kind of people whose business is worth patronizing. Thank you for spreading the word!

  2. Their prices are really nice too, so I get something for me and get to feel good about it! That's a win-win in my book :D

  3. Wed Blog Watch keeps me hopping over the interwebs. I love the nail polish for star trek!

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the links, Libby! People are so creative, sometimes.

    Lion: Glad you enjoyed the post! Hope you found something fun :-)

  5. Love, love, love all the links! (Esp the highlighting of Lauren Myracle -- gah, that makes my blood boil!)


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