2012's First Blog Watch Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
I've been failing pretty bad at blogging here in 2012. I had several days off (read: five), and I got supremely lazy instead of writing my reviews and have been playing catch-up ever since. The first two Wednesdays didn't even compute as Wednesday until it was either too late to post, or I was too drunk to coherently discuss anything. So here, on the final Wednesday of January, is the first BWW of 2012!

Reviews Posted:

Fun Stuff!

Gary Oldman talks about - FINALLY - being nominated for an Oscar.
I have huge love for Gary Oldman so this makes me a happy camper - I hope he wins!

Want the full list of Oscar nominees? Gotcha covered.
It's a crying shame Harry Potter is only nominated twice.

Speaking of all that is Harry, this little Harry Potter-themed joke made me laugh.

Lionsgate is getting pretty creative with the advertising for The Hunger Games. They've just launched their CapitolCouture site and it is both fun, and relevant to the books.

I want this - check out  a coffee table that doubles as a bookcase. Of course, no one would be allowed to out food/drinks/feet on it, for fear of damaging my babies. But it's cool. 

The Lovely Ewa has read and reviewed Maureen Johnson's The Name of the Star.

It doesn't hurt that Heath is also on my "People I would Like to Narrate My Life" list, along with Misha Collins of Supernatural (he has a sexy voice!), Jim Dale (narrator of lost-love Pushing Daisies), Alan Rickman and Dame Helen Mirren.

Have you seen Neil Gaiman's library?
It is a library to aspire to. One day, I will have a room just as awesome. But two story, and with a moving ladder. </Beauty and the Beast inspired pipe dream>

A martial artist/contortionist tries to recreate women's poses from comic books....and is incapable. There is something very wrong here.

New TUMBLR of the Week! It's random and odd: GothsUpTrees.

I'd definitely read Lewis Carroll's version.  Dorothy Parker's as well.

This has been Out There On the Interwebs for nearly a month, but if you missed it: you can read a sample chapter from the next A Song of Ice and Fire novel, titled The Winds of Winter.

This is a seriously awesome blog post of photos inspired by Laini Taylor's Prague-centric novel  Daughter of Smoke and Bone
I think the pictures of Prague and and the changelings are my favorites.

I'd like to visit... all of them.

I love they included the Librarian from Discworld!

World, You Are Awesome Pt. 1: Princess Leia headphones. They come in brunette, blonde or ginger!

Alek, I'll take 'Crazy but hilarious sentences I never thought to read/say in my lifetime.

Venus looks tastyyyy.

Emma Thompson is: self-deprecating, awesome, and hilarious. Also: mannish.

This is crazy: young girl 'protected from rape by lions'. Nobody better mess with her ever.

If you've read and enjoyed Fracture by Megan Miranda (like I did), there's a free short story from Decker's perspective being offered on Facebook.

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