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Friday, May 11, 2012
Two days late is better than never, right? With that:

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Have you seen the video of the strange marine animal caught by a remotely operated camera. It's a "Deepstaria enigmatica jellyfish" and it is RIDICULOUS.

Hilarious Mindy Kaling has her own show in the works! "It's Messy" has been picked up by Fox, so it's so long Kelly Kapoor and hello new show!

"Fan fiction promises to be a rich vein for publishers." NO, JUST NO. Stay this madness Denethor!

France elects its first Socialist president in 20 years. Adios Sarkozy, hello Francois Hollande!

The 10 Worst Celebrity Hair blunders. Sometimes its nice to know that bad hair days are universal problems.


This 425-year old map may hold clues to what happened at the lost colony of Roanoke hundreds of years ago.

Loki raps - Will Smith lyrics but it's awesome! Tom Hiddlestone is just dreamy - and his voice is sexxxy.

Speaking of which, the Avengers is the first movie to make $200m in its first weekend.  They also had the second-best opening day ever.

Maurice Sendak, children's author and living representative of my childhood, has passed away at age 83.

Beloved fantasy author Guy Gavriel Kay is publishing a new book in 2013! "Guy Gavriel Kay's new novel is once more inspired by Chinese history, this time during the Song Dynasty, almost four centuries after the story told in his bestselling Under Heaven. The dazzling elements of the Song - cultural brilliance, vicious political rivalries, warfare against nomadic peoples, court mandarins versus the military - are rich ground for Kay's unique blending of fantasy and themes of history. " This sounds good already!

The 10 Best Comic Book Movies of All Time. I'd have to agree with this breakdown.

The always impressive Peter Dinklage is on the cover of Rolling Stone.

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