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Wednesday, June 20, 2012
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The fourth trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has arrived!

The first 12 minutes of Blade Runner - in watercolors.

The best dad in SF/F? 

If you, like me, loved Heath Ledger's reading of e.e. cummings "i carry your heart", you must watch/listen to Benedict Cumberbatch's "Ode To A Nightingale".

Staples has a speedreading test to gauge how many words/minute you can read. It's not terribly accurate, but it is fun the first time.

To go along with that link, check out this amazing photo of a "pink" aurora borealis.

A new poster and trailer for Joe Wright's Anna Karenina. I really need to reread this before I see the film.

New debate for America's prisons: is solitary confinement "torture"?

Tom Hiddleston to play "British porn god" Paul Raymond. Aaaand the internet exploded.

Monsters University has a "teaser" trailer! Normally I think the "trailer for a trailer" is incredibly stupid, but it's Monsters, Inc. Come onnnn.

Author Jay Kristoff, of the forthcoming and anticipated STORMDANCER, just launched his official website. Stop by for chances to win an ARC of the first novel in the Lotus War trilogy.

Ryan Gosling before he was famous. Still cute, though! Just in a dorky, 90's kid way.

A hoodie that looks like armor. Needless to say, I want one. 

What if the Robin Williams classic Mrs. Doubtfire was a horror movie? Well, you don't have to image it on your own, these awesome people have recut the 90's staple as just that.

Carrie Underwood came out in support of gay marriage and her fans are not happy.

Previously sealed records of crimes (67,000 to be precise) from Victorian villains are now open to public perusal. Crimes include such as: donkey thievery, drunken refusal to vacate proptery (oh no!)

USA Today picks the best songs of The Beatles. My absolute favorite is Eleanor Rigby so I can't complain about this list.

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