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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fun Stuff:

And for those of you that thought Zoey Deschanel and Natalie Portman invented this: 75 years of the "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" trope.

These dresses made out of paper are so cool.

On a more light-hearted but still Batman related note: the cost of being Batman.

Speaking of money and Batman: TDKR opens to $249million worldwide.

These whimsical maps of Essos and Westeros don't really convey the dark tone of the novels, but are fun to look at. Fans, be sure to check out Casterly Rock.

Check out The Hotlympics! A tumblr post devoted to the attractive men competing in London 2012.

The Avengers - as dogs! I don't know about you but I think the Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye one is DEAD ON.

The Oatmeal has a great cartoon up to help you decide if you suck at your religion.

The Huffington Post tries to make up for supporting a hate site. To which I say: too little, too late. Shoddy journalism at best, blatant attempt for pageviews at worst.

There is a labyrinth of books! I love it.

Stephen Fry reads one of Shakespeare's sonnets. (Sonnet 130 for those who care.)


  1. CHRISTIAN BALE! Seriously, he didn't have to visit those victims since the shooting was obviously not the fault of any of the cast or crew in The Dark Knight Rises, but he did which is so sweet! I didn't think my respect for him could go up, but it just did! ;) Our husband is one hell of a guy!(: [Notice how I say our husband?] ;)

    Ivy Book Bindings

    1. I was so impressed with him. Granted, I always am but this was a really classy and nice thing for him to do. +10000000000 for senor Bale.

      And I did notice XD Keera: you are always so fun. It's a delight to see you on my blog whenever you comment.

  2. I love this post. Thanks for putting all these links in one place.

    That Oatmeal post? EPIC.

    That article on the universe tearing? I could NEVER be a cosmologist. Anytime I read articles like that, I am reminded of my mortality. And it freaks me out. How truly insignificant I am, and how insignificant my problems truly are. It creeps me out. Bigtime.

    And I agree. What the HuffPo did this week? Fuck them. No, seriously. Do they not understand REAL people are being threatened by that site? That this is very real to some of us? HOW DARE THEY. I'm over it now, but man was I pissed. And they can take their apology and shove it up their ass sideways.

    1. No problem! Glad people seem to like the stuff I find interesting/funny/weird!

      Thanks to you for the Oatmeal link. I don't frequent there often, but your tweet led to me it :)

      I LOVE ARTICLES ABOUT THE DEATH OF THE UNIVERSE! It's just to interesting and FINAL. One day, there will be absolutely nothing. I think that's kind of amazing.

      I'm over the HuffPo. I will NEVER read them or link to them again. This STRGB thing has spiraled out of control and they're partly responsible. DONE.


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