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Friday, October 5, 2012
Apologies for the late post - another insane week of 12+ hour days at the job, plus boyfriend, plus family, plus physical therapy (sigh), leaves me little time for reading, much less reviewing, much less seeking out awesome links to share. But! I did find some, so stay tuned!

Reviews Posted:

Fun Stuff:

The Top Ten Most Challenged Books of 2012. I haven't read nearly enough of these. Plus: infographic!

And along with that, famous author's responses to their books being banned. My favorite: Harper Lee. Ziiing!

And 15 movies based on banned books. I am happy to say I have seen most of them, and plan to see the others I yet haven't.

A pretty thorough and very helpful list of expected YA released for Winter.  So so many books in there that I am dying to read!

Rowling is "done" with Harry Potter, but leaves the door open for further books set in his world. This makes me so excited! I am good with Harry himself being put to bed, but I hope a Marauders novel comes out one day. 

10 NSFW lines from The Casual Vacancy. I am really excited to get to this -- if I ever find the time to tackle it.

Rebel Wilson and Ellen do Salt-n-Pepa. I love Ellen and this is pretty entertaining.

How your Facebook 'likes' and tweets could get you prosecuted.  The "Cybercrime" Law is scary and has been called worse than SOPA and PIPA. 

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  1. YES PLEASE LET HER WRITE A MARAUDERS BOOK! I NEED MORE SIRIUS AND JAMES AND REMUS! *sobs* I swear, I read SO much fanfiction with the them because I just love them to pieces. *fingers and toes crossed* Anyway, yet another awesome edition of Blog Watch, Jessie! I perfectly understand about time constraints, so thanks for still finding the time to check out all these links and post! :)


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