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Saturday, December 1, 2012
So my second year of blogging is winding to a close. It's been a good year but I think I need some more change to get where I want to go with this hobby. I took some steps: I renamed my blog. I took on a coblogger. I found a rhythm, but  I also got into a lot of slumps where I wasn't productive. I put a lot of pressure on myself and then got mad when I couldn't meet those impossible goals. For me? I've realized I can't post every day.

I can read every day, post sometimes, and have a life.

Or I can read sometimes, post everyday, and have a life. I choose the former. I think my content is better that way and I don't drive away people with my verbosity.

But I am not going to post less -- just not feel the internal/external pressure to post EVERY DAY. With Dani around, I have more than enough help to make next year better.

That said, organization is key. I am really going to work on getting myself in a helpful routine. I have found I do a lot better when I review a novel right after reading. I also do better when I try to hold to a loose reading plan. Not a schedule, but an idea of things I definitely need to prioritize in that month.

For the last month of this year, I plan to read and review:

In the gleaming heights of Victorian London, a world of deception awaits an unconventional Society lady whose taste for adventure makes her a most formidable adversary . . .

Though Society demands that I make a good marriage, I, Cherry St. Croix, have neither the time nor the interest. I am on the trail of a murder with no victim, a mystery with no motive, and the key to an alchemical formula that could be my family's legacy.

Yet the world is not so kind as to let me pursue simple murder and uncomplicated bounties. Above the foggy drift, an earl insists on my attention, while my friends watch my increasingly desperate attempts to remain my own woman. From the silken demands of the Midnight Menagerie—to whose dangerously seductive ringmaster I owe a debt—to the rigorous pressures of the peerage, all are conspiring to place before me a choice that will forever change my life.

Gilded by Karina Cooper (St. Croix Chronicles #2)
The second in a romance steampunk series I find myself enjoying more than anticipated.

The Raven's Heart by Jesse Blackadder
LGBT and genderbending history! You know that I signed onto this blog tour as soon as I could finish reading the summary. It looks and sounds fascinating -- plus a fresh POV on English history is always wanted.

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