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Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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List by Danielle

This could be embarrassing, guys. I tend to be something of a hoarder, especially with books. The only time I ever send them away is if I end up with duplicates, which means I hold on to series I've outgrown. For the rest of eternity. I also steadfastly refuse to abandon a series in the middle unless it's really unforgivable. So all told, here are the authors I own the most books from. Please don't judge me too harshly.

1 (tie). Robert Jordan - 24 books 

Yes, they're all Wheel of Time. I have the entire series, minus TGH because my mom's scumbag ex STOLE IT MOST CRUELLY. And New Spring. And the two-part reissue of TEOTW with the new prologue. And two copies of the big white book. And the New Spring graphic novel. And the first five on audiobook. And EOTW in ebook because I couldn't find the paperback. 

It's not weird.

1 (tie). Tamora Pierce - 24 books

I've owned every single book Pierce has written in my life. Since I moved, I did have to downsize and only bring 21 of my favorites with me. (The other 3 are ebooks, which luckily don't take up room.) She is undeniably my favorite author of all time. 

3. Brandon Sanderson - 23 books

If you count the three WoT books for both Sanderson and Jordan, Sanderson does technically have more, but I'm only going with his original works for this list. (7 physical copies, 8 ebooks, and 8 audiobooks.) #SandersonArmy

4. Charlaine Harris - 14 books

You might not know it by looking at my bookshelves, because the first 9.5 are ebooks, but I have the entire Sookie series, (minus the last book). And I picked up one of her mysteries at a library sale. And one of her short story collections. I don't even like Harris anymore, but I'm compelled!

5. Patricia Wrede - 13 books

Most of my Enchanted Forest copies seem to have wandered away, but I still have the Lyra and Cecilia and Kate series on my "childhood favorites" shelf. Shame about the Frontier Magic series or I'd still be collecting her catalog.

6. George RR Martin - 11 books

First three in hilariously beat up paperbacks, Feast and Dance in hardcover, GoT in ebook, Warriors and Dangerous Woman, and three graphic novels. Not bad for a five book series.

7. Terry Goodkind - 10 books

I was young and dumb. I do still like Wizard's First Rule, but the rest? There's a reason there were 9 copies of Chainfire at our used bookstore.

8. Courtney Milan - 9 books

That reminds me, she just rereleased her first three books and I need to go pick those up. Best romance novels in the world.

9. Gail Carriger - 8 books

Another author I love and have everything by. Since I bought the first three Parasol Protectorate as an ebook bundle, I've been totally hooked.

10. Phillipa Gregory - 6 books

This is another author that I like, but don't love, that I would have kept buying forever if I hadn't HATED The White Queen. But I know, if she ever goes back to Tudor fiction, I'll be right back in line.

Bonus: Terry Pratchett - 44 books

My husband's obsession with Sir Terry is out of control. I have entire bookshelves devoted to Discworld. I ship copies in from England JUST FOR DISPLAY. He listened to the books on tape, then the books on CD, until they wore out. (Thank you Audible.) I'm pretty sure someday I'll be arrested for killing him, because he's going to end up in L-Space in my dinning room.


  1. Oh my god, my love for Philippa Gregory is really embarrassing. I mean, I KNOW her work is soooo inaccurate so WHY do I keep reading? I don't know. Admittedly, I read her books way out of order and kind of treat them as not related at all (at least the Tudor books.) My collection of her books is weak, I probably also own like, 6, too. But I loved The Other Boleyn Girl and The Virgin's Lover way more than they deserve to be loved. >.<

    1. I won't even lie, The Boleyn Inheritance is one of my favorite books. It's so trashy, but Jane Parker fascinates me. I just hate the War of Roses or I'd keep right on buying.

  2. Great list, I'd love to have all these books! :D
    Gail Carriger, George R.R. Martin and Brandon Sanderson are all on my list too, but sadly I don't own as many of their books. I also have the first book in The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, though I haven't read it yet.
    I haven't read anything by any of these other authors yet, so maybe I should check them out since we have three favourites in common :)

  3. My sis is a Pratchett fan. She has quite a few copies of his books.

    1. He's consistently 3.5 stars for me, fun but not life changing. My husband...well the man's getting the Watch badge tattooed on him. :P


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