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Sunday, February 1, 2015
2015 is going along nicely here at Agless Pages. Dani and I seem to be in a groove -- we're trying Challenges (check it out!) and we're on a roll posting as well. I've been holding myself somewhat accountable on NG and edelweiss and that helps! I think being organized is really going to make 2015 the best year of consistent blogging for me.

That said, this month I have a couple titles I'm eager to read and review here:

Sarah has always been on the move. Her mother hates the cold, so every few months her parents pack their bags and drag her off after the sun. She’s grown up lonely and longing for magic. She doesn’t know that it’s magic her parents are running from.

When Sarah’s mother walks out on their family, all the strange old magic they have tried to hide from comes rising into their mundane world. Her father begins to change into something wild and beastly, but before his transformation is complete, he takes Sarah to her grandparents—people she has never met, didn’t even know were still alive.

Deep in the forest, in a crumbling ruin of a castle, Sarah begins to untangle the layers of curses affecting her family bloodlines, until she discovers that the curse has carried over to her, too. The day she falls in love for the first time, Sarah will transform into a beast . . . unless she can figure out a way to break the curse forever.

Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen.
I loved Hellisen's different and odd YA fantasy and am very curious about her middle grade fairy tale retelling. I paired up with Lyn from Great Imaginations for a discussion review that should be up here in the next few days!

Those Rosy Hours at Mazandaran by Marion Grace Woolley.
A retelling of Phantom of the Opera set in Iran in the 1850s? It sounds almost too fantastic to be true. I love all the things involved in that description and I cannot wait to be a part of the blog tour for it.

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