Challenge: Burn, Rewrite, Reread

Monday, April 27, 2015
We were tagged by Lyn at Great Imaginations. The video for the challenge can be found here.

We used a random number generator to pick three books from our "read" lists and, like FMK, pick which to burn, rewrite, and reread.

First Round


Burn: King's Dragon (Crown of Stars #1) by Kate Elliott. This wasn't even hard. I detested this series when I first read it and remembering it now does it no favors.

Rewrite: The Fairest of Them All by Carolyn Turgeon. So much potential with this combination of Snow White and Rapunzel inspirations but it failed at characterization and/or making me care about the story.

Reread: Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie. Let me introduce you to Monza Murcatto. Monza is the definition of antihero and I could not love her -- or this dark, gritty fantasy book about revenge -- more.



Burn: WHYYYYYY? Two of these are from my favorite series, so I have to, by default only, pick How to Date a Henchman.

Rewrite: Cinder. It certainly doesn't need rewritten, but I think the writing and plotting have gotten tighter as the series has gone on and Cinder could be just a smidge more focused. 

Reread: Catching Fire. Five star book in a five star series. 

Second Round


Burn: Afterwards by Rosamund Lupton. Second-person. SECOND. PERSON. And other reasons. But I rest my case.

Rewrite: Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham. This was so aggressively average. It was the John Smith of novels. The egg white of books.

Reread: India Black and the Widow of Windsor (India Black #2) by Carol K. Carr. Great series, great character, great ship. I can reread that anytime.


Rewrite: The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place. I really liked the idea of this book, but there were some execution issues both with the characterization of the girls and the red herrings in the mystery. 

Reread: The Blade Itself . I actually really do need a reread of this book so I can continue the series!

Third Round


Burn: From What I Remember by Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas. It was a cute idea but the execution left something to be desired. I liked it okay-ish, but not nearly as much as the other two.

Rewrite: Inamorata by Megan Chance. This was a nearly perfect read, expect for the spoiler: maybe incest? I would like that element clarified, so I know to what level I should be squicked out spoilerre: the siblings.

Reread: Doubleblind (Sirantha Jax #3) by Ann Aguirre. I will reread this series forever, but this is my favorite in the entire six-book series. Jax and March forever. READ THIS SERIES OKAY.


Burn: The Princess of Nowhere. Do we need more mediocre historical fiction?

Rewrite: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Hear me out. Two words: Albus. Severus.

The defense rests.

Reread: Cruel Beauty

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