Two Minute Backlist Review: Quicksilver by R.J. Anderson

Sunday, June 7, 2015
Title: Quicksilver
Author: R.J. Anderson
Genre: young adult, supernatural
Series: Ultraviolet #2
Pages: 384
Published: May 2013
Source: publishers for review
Rating: 5/5

Back in her hometown, Tori Beaugrand had everything a teenaged girl could want—popularity, money, beauty. But she also had a secret. A secret that could change her life in an instant, or destroy it.

Now she’s left everything from her old life behind, including her real name and Alison, the one friend who truly understood her. She can’t escape who and what she is. But if she wants to have anything like a normal life, she has to blend in and hide her unusual... talents.

Plans change when the enigmatic Sebastian Faraday reappears and gives Tori some bad news: she hasn’t escaped her past. In fact, she’s attracted new interest in the form of an obsessed ex-cop turned investigator for a genetics lab.

She has one last shot at getting her enemies off her trail and winning the security and independence she’s always longed for. But saving herself will take every ounce of Tori’s incredible electronics and engineering skills—and even then, she may need to sacrifice more than she could possibly imagine if she wants to be free.

I've been waiting for this book since the day I finished my first read of Ultraviolet - aka 2011.

So I was like:
 photo tumblr_inline_mkbb4y4g0Z1qz4rgp_zps6710ac07.gif

 Because I mean, if you've read the first boolk, you know that R.J. Anderson takes no prisoners and shows no mercy. And  going into her books blind is the best way -- you're never prepared for the awesome and the emotions that come screaming at you. 

So I waited.

I finally bought it, and the day it arrived I was like this:

 photo 2356_zps30f6940a.gif

With a dash of this:

 photo tumblr_inline_mk7mxiVwnW1qz4rgp_zps418bae41.gif

And then I met Milo and felt like this and realized our heroine was really asexual which DIVERSITY YAY:

 photo When-you-see-the-dessert-someone-else-ordered-at-a-restaurant_zps9bde2a7d.gif

Anytime anyone/anything needed/wanted my attention I felt like this:

 photo when-someone-keeps-knocking-on-the-bathroom-door_zpscf615370.gif

 Because really, how can you tear yourself away from a book like this? It's so different and original it commands all your attention. It's not a madcap rush the entire time, but when the plot gets going, Tori rockets along. And this is a character you want to keep up with!

And then, close to the end, I was like this:

 photo tumblr_inline_mla20geDK41qz4rgp_zps694ebafd.gif

And I had to keep telling myself this:

 photo when-you-have-to-climb-more-than-flights-of-stairs_zps50d044e1.gif

And Tori was badass like this:

 photo KBPhB_zpsb3770c30.gif


Seriously. That was one of the most memorable scenes I've read in YA. It was ballsy, it was awesome and it WORKED SO WELL for both the story, the plot, the charactrs. I looooved it and that Anderson WENT THERE.

And I responded by going like this:

 photo when-youre-watching-a-show-and-they-mention-the-place-you-live_zps64905aa7.gif

and this:

 photo When-you-realize-you-ran-out-of-time-on-the-parking-meter-10-minutes-ago_zps025de0af.gif

And I thought that Anderson did this with her duology:

 photo tumblr_mf5y9lLG6O1rpf2e8o2_250_zps8d494061.gif

And in the end, I felt like this, about the whole thing:

 photo when-you-see-someone-parallel-park-into-a-tiny-spot_zps75c2602c.gif 

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