Jessie's Book Shelf Tour Pt. 1

Thursday, January 7, 2016
Back in November of 2015 (so long ago), I kept planning a book shelf tour. I kept putting it off -- mainly because I have a lot of books and I am lazy -- but I've finally started assembling a series of posts to show off my pretties.

This post is about the books that I've mostly bought (some were gifts, BEA books, sent for reviews, etc.) but have not yet managed to read. As of right now, I have 660 books (at one point in 2015 it was 900!) that I owned that have never been opened. Some are on kindle or Nook, but the vast majority? Right here:

This is my small bookcase of unread books. It's mostly YA -- with ARCs for review on top, hanging out with Toothless.

And the biggies:

These are all also unread. There is still YA on here (mostly on the middle right side) but it's a lot of fantasy and historical fiction.'

I have an entire library for my read books, however. That post will be coming soon!

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  1. Yaaaaaaaas I'm so happy you posted this. I just bought a new bookshelf and I have no idea how to sort my books now, since they were all in one place before. Mostly anyway. But now I think I'll put my unread books on it, though it obviously won't hold all of them. And then I'm stealing your idea of putting even more books on top and holding them there with bookends.

    Side note, your unread collection is the same size as my ENTIRE collection O_O


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