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Friday, March 4, 2016
Okay, so I maybe broke my not-buying-as-many-books streak. February could have been called the month that Jessie bought a lot of Brandon Sanderson books... as you will soon see...

Books Sent:

The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell - modern day descendant of the Brontes goes on a hunt for family secrets using clues from her dead father. I have to say I am very intriiiigued by this premise and plan to read it ASAP.

Thanks to Touchstone!

The Forest Laird by Jack Whyte (Braveheart Chronicles #1)
Robert the Bruce by Jack Whyte (Braveheart Chronicles #2)
The Guardian by Jack Whyte (Braveheart #3)

I love historical fiction set in the 1300s, though I have yet to venture into a series about Scotland's William Wallace. This is hefty series but it looks very interesting. Thanks to Tor/Forge for the series to review.

Books Bought:

Firefight by Brandon Sanderson (Steelheart #2) - I had read this as an ARC but I needed a brush up before getting to the series conclusion, Calamity.

The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman (Lady Helen #1) - love loved this author's Asian fantasy series Eona and this has been getting raaaave reviews from trusted readers. Plus the final edition is gor.geous.

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard (Truthwitch #1) - Susan Dennard is a fun author and the female friendship at the heart of this novel made it a mustbuy for me.

Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson - my reread of Everything Cosmere made me realize that I could not wait to get back into Wax and Wayne's adventures on Scadrial. This has been my favorite of Era Two, with special thanks to Steris, Marasi, and MeLaan.

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer - I has to have this for the perfect epilogue, though the new short stories were also as good as to be expected from this author.

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson - in my defense this is the 10th anniversary author's definitive edition with 10,000 extra words..... so I mean I really had to since this one of my very favorite Sanderson novels....

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys - I love Septeys novels to a ridiculous degree. Out of the Easy has been my favorite but I could not even wait for this to come out in paperback to match my editions of OotE and Between Shades of Grey.

Daughter of Sand and Stone by Libbie Hawker - a historical fiction of Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra. She was a really interesting woman -- she rebelled against Rome, conquered Egypt... and had a lot of unexpected turns to her life. Fans of Boudicca should be interested....


A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab (A Darker Shade of Magic #2)--- signed! I got a signed copy of this long-anticipated fantasy novel!! I am so excited to read it but I also then talked myself into rereading ADSOM before I jumped in. All I know is that March is going to be a good month when I get to these two!


Mistborn: The Secret History by Brandon Sanderson

 Mistborn: Secret History is a companion story to the original Mistborn trilogy.

As such, it contains HUGE SPOILERS for the books Mistborn (The Final Empire), The Well of Ascension, and The Hero of Ages. It also contains very minor spoilers for the book The Bands of Mourning.

Mistborn: Secret History builds upon the characterization, events, and worldbuilding of the original trilogy. Reading it without that background will be a confusing process at best.

In short, this isn’t the place to start your journey into Mistborn. (Though if you have read the trilogy—but it has been a while—you should be just fine, so long as you remember the characters and the general plot of the books.)

Saying anything more here risks revealing too much. Even knowledge of this story’s existence is, in a way, a spoiler.

There’s always another secret.

COSMERE GOODNESS! I love who is on the cover, too... However, I would be remiss not to mention the following: Do not read if you haven't read ALL of the Mistborn books -- Era one and Era Two. Here be massive spoilers. 

Any of these end up on your shelves lately? Any new books I am missing out on and need to run out and get??

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