Top Ten Characters I'd Name A Child/Dog/Car After

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is all thanks to Broke and the Bookish!

This week we are revisiting an old topic.... favorite names from books. I always plan to name pets after my favorite fictional beings so this was an easy and fun topic.

1. Rhaegar -- from A Song of Ice and Fire series
If I ever received a giant dog, I'd name him Rhaegar (if only because I'd never really have a dragon to give this name to like I REALLY want.)

2. Sansa -- from A Song of Ice and Fire series
I also realllly want to name a girl puppy the eldest Stark daughter name. I am a permamember of the #SansaStarkDefenseSquad and it's just a pretty name.  Clever George --- it also means "praise, charm" in Sanskrit. #iseewhatyoudidthere 

3. Aviendha -- from The Wheel of Time series
I have named a couple small electronics after my favorite female WoT character and probably will being doing so again. 

4 & 5. Ginevra/Ginny Hermione-- from the Harry Potter series
My imaginary future girlchild is clearly going to be named Ginevra Hermione because they are the real heroes/MVPs/Champs/BAMFs.

6. Kaz -- from Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom
I haven't yet decided what in my life will be given this moniker but I LOVE that name and it makes me instantly think of Brekker and Inej and Ketterdam and it'd be a great dog name.

7. Whiskeyjack -- from The Malazan Book of the Fallen series
If Ryan was not allergic to cats, I would adopt an older crotchety, seen-it-all cat and name it Whiskeyjack.

8. Alia-- from the Dune series
It's been a while but Alia Atreides was always my favorite female character from Herbert's books (with Chani and Irulan close behind) and Duncan Idaho was my favorite male character. I used to have an iPod named Alia XD

9. Flynn Rider -- from Tangled
So.. my (female) dog is named Flynn because she was supposed to be a boy but then we just loved the name for her. I just have a lot of fun coming up with nicknames that rhyme with Flynn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

10. Penelope -- from The Odyssey
This is where my dog Penny Pudding (yes her tag says Penelope Pudding) gets her first name. Penelope was the ideal of loyal while her husband was off destroying Troy so it seemed a great name for a loyal dog.


  1. Kaz! Yes I am so so ready to finally start Crooked Kingdom but I'm kind of scared at the same time! Such a good name! Some other great ones as well. My Top Ten

    1. UI understand that--- there's a lot of emotion invested in that series. But I think you;ll like it when you do get going.

  2. Ginny would be a pretty girl's name
    My ttt

    1. I always liked Ginevra --- kinda like Guinevere, but not as long!


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