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Sunday, December 4, 2016
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1: A book that you were SO INTO you just could not be bothered by real life

I did nothing

I shut down my life for an afternoon when I read The Hating Game by Sally Thorne for the first time. I didn't mean to... but I started reading and then did not look up, get up, or move until I had finished.

2: A book that had a character you just could NOT get on board with

walk away bitch

Sadly, I had this issue with that main character Britta from Ever the Hunted. I really wanted to like that book but she was a walking YA stereotype. So many cliches and special snowflake status -- I pretty much just ignored her and focused on the rest. Also: Cohen, her love interest and fellow cardboard person.

3: A book that had you running to your nearest bookstore on release day


Duuuhhh. Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. Please know I dragged my husband to three different stores until we found it. I would do it again.

4: A book that was too long and you maybe sort-of probably skimmed (a little)


I tend not to skim -- just DNF that shit, yo -- but I definitely skimmed several WoT books there before Brandon Sanderson took over. Winter's Heart, definitely, and probably the last half of Crossroads of Twilight?

5: A book that filled you with fluffy happiness


I had a lot of fun with Leah Konen's contemporary novel The Romantics. It's basically a YA romcom narrated by Love and it's super fluffy and very entertaining. It can be a bit twee but it's really entertaining for an afternoon.

6: A book that everyone told you to read for AGES and you finally did and it was AMAZING


Blackbringer and Silksinger by Laini Taylor. I mean I knew they were going to be good -- its Laini Taylor -- but I was nervous because fairies and MG. However, while these do skew younger they are still full of the same lush writing and fun characters.

7: A book you wouldn’t want your parents seeing you reading

jim hiding

Hmm.. welll, I dunno. I don't have much shame and I've been reading romance novels since I was.. 14? So besides like, the Joy of Sex, not much. They did tease me when I was reading Sex with the King over Thanksgiving last year but ehhh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

8: A book with two characters that SO should not have ended up together

what is that

Spoilers for Sarah J. Maas's Empire of Storms: I know it's not like they declared they're even officially together or anything but DORIAN AND MANON. SO MUCH UNSHIP. THIS SHIP SINKS. IT DOES NOT SAIL. <-- End. I am never ever going to be okay with that one. WHAT IS THAT. SHE IS IN LOVE WITH ASTERIN. ALSO SHE EATS PEOPLE. Okay, now I really  am done.

9: A book that’s really popular and you’re just like, “uh?”

why are you the way that you are

Anything published by/with Cassie Clare? How? Why? People, stop. I do not get why she is STILL SO popular and always on the NYT list. I couldn't even make it through two books in her FIRST Shadowwhatever series before I was bored to the point of sleeping.

10: A book that you love but hesitantly flail over because so many people don’t like it

i don't care

Most recently: Bright Smoke, Cold Fire by Rosamund Hodge. I feel like the lone anti-black sheep because I loved it and most of my friends DNF'd or 1-2 starred it. This is the most I have ever liked the story of Romeo and Juliet -- they were teens who knew each other for days before dying IT'S NOT A REAL ROMANCE -- so maybe it's the inclusion of the zombies? Maybe it's the stone-cold badass that is the Juliet, full of life and passion and agency? Or maybe it's Romeo and Paris acting like CSI investigators with a psychic mind link? Maybe it's Hodge's unique and creative worldbuilding? Or maybe it's all the gay headcanons this book seems to beg for. I dunno. I just really, really dug this.

11: A book that had you unexpectedly rolling on the floor with giggles


Oooh, definitely have to say The Hating Game again or Becky Albertalli's The Upside of Unrequited. Both made me lol in more than one occasion. Lucy is so awkward and funny in THG and Upside has so many genuinely hilarious moments <3

12: A book that, as you kept reading, kept getting more and more confusing

i understand nothing

MARCUS SEDGWICK WHHYYY. So yeah. Ghosts of Heaven was not made for my brain. What even is happening there? See also: House of Leaves, Cloud Atlas. I tried but.. yeah... no. Infinite Jest was another example of this. Too much happening, too much.

13: A book that you DNFed because what even was happening

hated it

14: A book that had a jaw dropping plot point

mind blown

Pretty much any Kate Morton book published? Even when you go in knowing that she always always has a twist in store for her books: YOU ARE NOT PREPARED when it shows up. Especially: The Secret Keeper and The Distant Hours and The House at Riverton.

15: A book that had you dancing for joy when you finished the last page


 The Silver Tide by Jen Williams. Williams built such a fun fantasy series with her three Copper Cat books -- it was diverse and inclusive and creative -- and she ended it perfectly. There were a lot of shippy feels generated by this book <333

16: A book that could have been really good if it wasn’t trying so hard


The Fate of the Tearling by Erika Johansen. I really liked the first book and flat-out loved the I was really saddened by how all-over-the-place book three was when I read it last month. There was too much going on in too short of span of time. It fell flat and wasn't a very successful conclusion.

17: A book that you couldn’t read because of historical inaccuracies/general stupidity


Uugh I shouldn't have but I did finish this one book that years later I can still remember how inaccurate and anachronistic is was (Anne Boleyn "taking tea" 120 years before it was in England!). The book was At the Mercy of the Queen by Anne Clinard Barnhill and it was not good. (Here is the review, if you are curious.)

18: A book that had you crying and you really couldn’t say if it was from happiness or sadness because it was just THAT amazing

pam crying

This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills had me happy-crying and sad-crying and crying-crying all at the same time. That book had all my emotions ALL twisted up and it rained on my face for a while that day, ok?

19: A book that holds your OTP to end all OTPs

jim and pam

 TAYLOR AND JONAH 4 EVA (aka Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta)
RHAEGAR AND LYANNA 5 EVA (aka A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin)

20: A book that was about everyday life and was so completely beautiful

my heart

While not completely "every day" type of contemporary (revenge society exacting VENGEANCE!), I'm definitely going to go with Elliot Wake's Bad Boy for this.

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