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Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Top Ten Tuesday is all thanks to The Broke and the Bookish! This lovely header is thanks to APR's own Dani.

This was a topic earlier this month that I missed due to scheduling conflicts. So here I am two weeks later, lol.

1. More dragons

I always say that if a book has a dragon in it or on it, I want it. And there's just never enough book with fire-breathing flying beasts.

2. Based on/inspired by [historical event/place/person]

As a history nerd person, I love connecting real life to fiction.  ESPECIALLY: non-Western and/or genderbent versions of history. (think: And I Darken - a retelling of Vlad the Impaler but as a young woman.)

3. Group heists

Six of Crows, The Lies of Locke Lamora - these are a few of my favorite things. What do they have in common besides ships and feels? They're cutthroats acting out heists on grand scales. High-stakes, quick action and twists... love it, want more of it.

4. Non Greek/Roman Demigods

Both in a classical sense (like Helen, Hercules, etc.) or in a more updated tale (Percy) --- and preferably focused on other pantheons than the ones usually shown.

5. F/F fantasy

I was so excited for Of Fire and Stars last year .. and womp wooomp. But while that was a wash, I am 100% here for more f/f fantasy. Someone has to publish some here soon, right? RIGHT?!

Dani's Picks: (Jessie stole two of mine!)

6. More YA with relationships that don't work out

I had some problems with A Week of Mondays, but the thing it did best was show that you can love someone once and still break up. It's not all or nothing, love forever or never. This Song Will Save Your Life also did this really well with losing your virginity to a relationship that didn't end up panning out.

7. Flower shop owner/tattoo artist romance

A. Cam‏ (@justabookeater_ on Twitter) posted this on her wishlist the other day and now I NEED IT MORE THAN ANYTHING. It's a popular fan fic trope, but where is my full length romance novel, I ask?

8. Reality show contestants

I have never read a truly satisfying reality show book. I want Masterchef with enemies to friends bonding in the finale. I want The Bachelor where two of the bachelorettes fall in love instead. I want The Amazing Race like For Real, but longer and more actual challenges.

9. Weird hobbies

I feel like every contemporary is about a girl who likes to read and a guy who likes soccer. I'm just saying, what if she also did crew? He went geocaching? Or built model airplanes? Maybe she's really into creating ice cream flavors, like candied fennel cream, and they go to antique malls looking for vulgar salt and pepper shakers. I literally don't care, just something different.

10. My motherfucking Anastasia retelling

I know Jess and Gilly feel me on this.


  1. hahaha I laughed out loud when I got the the motherfucking Anastasia retelling. lol! I would definitely read that too. Great lists!

  2. For your reality TV show fix, have you read Something Real?

  3. muahahaha I stole... heists and f/f fantasy, I bet? This is what happens when you let me draft the TTT....

    I WANT AN ANASTASIA RETELLING SO BAD. I would throw lots of money at it and buy it for all my Lady Knight friends.


      OH MY GOD



      A F/F HEIST

    2. Go forth and create! I need this now.

  4. So I haven't actually read Six of Crows (yet -- ugh, I know) or Locke Lamora (I KNOW) but I sure love the shit out of heist MOVIES so I have no doubt I'd love it in some books. And oh man , an Anastasia retelling would be awesome!

  5. ANASTASIAAAAAA- but the most important part is preserving the snark and sass of Anya and Dimitri's relationship, right!? Wouldn't be a proper retelling otherwise. Ahahah Jessie, more dragons! Would never have guessed ;) But YES to more f/f fantasy and more real life historical inspirations!


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