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Saturday, July 30, 2016

I was tagged by Bekka at Pretty Deadly Reviews to do this tag created by Aentee, and I am so excited, because I am a day one Pokefanatic, back when Pokemon were played on a device the size of a trade paperback and twice as heavy. I remember GameSharks and Mew hiding under the truck and basically I'm old af.

I'm not the best Pokemon GO player. (Level 6, 50 catches, highest CP 148,) because it's approximately 9000 degrees in Ohio right now. But I have three eevees, all named for the original eeveelution trainers, so I'm calling that winning. 

This is where I insert my favorite Emerson quote, "I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.” I've always been a reader. My mom tells stories of me trying to return my sister at 2 because she was chewing on my books. But I remember The Ghost at Dawn's House very well. I was in second grade and I was already very obsessed with the Little Sister companion series to The Baby-Sitters Club. Problem - I had read all the library had, new copies ran $3 a piece, and I could read 3 a day. Out of self-preservation, my mom started foisting BSC off on me, even though they were technically  "big kid books", because it took me a whole day to finish one. (Then there was a whole bunch of drama with my school and I got detention for reading over my age level and the superintendent was involved and it's a goddamn mess for such mediocre tripe, looking back.)

The Giver. Come at me. 

I know dystopians are passé. The movie is a travesty unto god.  Don't care. The book started the YA dystopian scene 15 years before it blew up and it's still awesome and if some of the scenes are a little familiar, that's just testament to it's iconic status.

Winger has a 4.6 star average from my friends on GR. It was on every end cap in B&N for months. It's won like 800 awards. The NYT said that if Smith hadn't dethroned Green, he'd given him a run for his money. It's been optioned. I DON'T CAAAAAAAAAAARE. I don't even know what it's about. Coming of age? Something with sports? Manpain? I just want to punch this cover every time I see it.

Eye of the World is probably the tropiest book to ever trope and I can't help it, I still love it. So there's a farm boy and an overbearing childhood love interest and a magical guardian who deus ex machinas her way around the globe and a massive overblown final fight that turns out to be like the twelfth least important fight in the series. You look me in the eyes and tell me you weren't hooked after the Trolloc attack. 

There may only be two Kingkiller books out, but the second one is 994 pages. In hardback. And Doors of Stone isn't even finished and it's set at another 890. I already have Wheel of Time, Game of Thrones, and Stormlight Archives. I can't.

(I must.)

This book might have made me go a little insane. 

It's not that I stayed up too late reading it, though I did. I thought about this book too late. What order should the stories be read in? What's the math behind the combinations? What's the math behind the Fibonacci sequence? How should I word my review? Should I buy a copy for my mom? How can I make Jessie give it another chance? Then I started seeing spirals in my room. Like, this book is how someone ends up babbling in a corner about snails. 

lol going straight down my "I will go down with this ship" shelf:


*ok, so what I ship is Sansa/Agency and what Sansa wants is some of those HoundKisses, sooooo

I might have too many feelings about kissing.

The. Pin. Scene. The definition of "fire-hot".

I couldn't love the Bridgertons more. All eight books. All eight second epilogues. The Violet prequel. The Smythe-Smith spin-off. The new Miss Bridgerton book. The short story collections of Lady Whistledown. I even love it every time Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron shows up in another series. (I just spotted it again in a Tessa Dare, published 10 years after the initial Miss Butterworth appearance.) If all regency romance novelists could just agree to link back to this series, that would be greaaaaat.

I've had some ups and downs with urban fantasy and the last series that was highly rec'd to me didn't exactly turn out. Additionally, Jess and Angie didn't have positive things to say about The Black Diamonds series, I was pretty sure this was going to be a solid middle of the road borrow.

This series is so fucking awesome.

I have lost count of the number of people who have rec'd Red Queen  to me, but it still sounds so good. The hype for the sequel almost drowned my Twitter, but I don't care, I'm ready to dive into this (as soon as a space clears on my epic TBR, of course.)

The 1974 Limited Edition Club speckled Martian Chronicles with lithographs. Do not touch me.

Lesbian princesses.





Where is Winds of Winter, George? Where is it? Why do I keep letting you do this to me?

Ok, loves, that does it for today's tag. I'm terrible at picking people who haven't already been picked, so if you're reading this - tag, you're it!


  1. Oh my GOD we have to figure out how to convince Jessie to try The Ghosts of Heaven again because that book FUCKED ME UP. LIKE A LOT. Especially the story set in space like I couldn't sleep for days. I hate dopplegangers, I hate space, I hate characters being ALONE in space there's nothing in the world that's scarier to me. JESSIE IF YOURE READING THIS PLEASE GIVE IT ANOTHER CHANCE.


      I'm just going to buy another copy and mail it to her. It would be rude not to read it then. *evil laugh*


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