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Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Hey all! This one might end up being a bit on the short side as I was laid up sickly for several days. But here is what awesomeness I've culled from the internet this week.
The death of the book has been "greatly exaggerated." (The Guardian) Nice to see other pieces besides doom and gloom about the book industry. It's quite long, but very detailed and well-reasoned.

Watch this. Just click the link and do it. It involves puppies. And cuteness.

Google is a slightly menacing entity. Don't believe me? "New Facebook-style social networking is part of Google’s plan to 'own your online ID.'" Google CEO admits Google+ is giant advertising database. (Prison Planet)
The guys and gals over at another of my favorite timewasters websites ( posted an article "5 Reasons You Should Be Scared of Google" in 2010 and the corporation does indeed appear somewhat sinister. And let me tell you googling "Cracked article about evil Google corporation" made me crack up. (Cracked)

Art - with Post-its! Fun, and creative uses for the ubiquitous pads. (The Guardian)

Haven't read any steampunk and don't know where to start? This list, containing many of my personal favorites for the genre, is an excellent place to start. (Ranting Dragon)

1920's London. Video. In color. Yes, it's just as awesome as described.

Best babysitter ever? Warning: cuteness and fluffyness.

Dude. Have you seen Hot Neville? Because you really really should. (Jackson Pearce's Tumblr)

Along with that Harry Potterish link, another. A Parselmouth translator!  I definitely tested out my name (and my boyfriend's, and my best friend's, and my roomie's...)

This is why I love YA - werewolves on the Titanic! (goodreads)
Disney princesses as Vogue cover models - and my personal favorite: historically accurate attired Disney princesses.  (Flavorwire)

Shark swimming in the streets of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irene. Crazy!

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  1. Thanks for the steam punk link! I've wanted to test the genre for a while, this will most definitely help


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