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Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Fun Stuff

Gender bias in literary outlets. Wow, just wow. Anyone who says feminism is outdated and unneeded should look at that.

Have you heard of the giant penguin remains found on New Zealand? Why must the best animals go extinct? Woolly mammoths, now giant penguins... what else have we missed out on?

Did you know How to Train Your Dragon is not only getting a sequel, but a TV series? The first two trailers can be found right here. My life? Is made.

Brandon Sanderson, prolific fantasy author, has plans for a 36 volume series set in his 'Cosmere' universe. I'm impressed by his ambition, and dismayed by the wait times to read them. 
The Hunger Games versus Battle Royale - similarities and differences. I have yet to read BR, but it's been on my TBR since before I heard of the Hunger Games.

The book tour for Sophie Perinot's debut THE SISTER QUEENS has posted its destinations! The tour will be here on March 12 for my review and March 23rd for an author interview! I'd love it if you guys popped by to see.

Deleted unfinished alternate version of Mulan's "Reflection" from the Disney movie. I think I might like this version better? And that's from a diehard Mulan-lover.

Alan Alda, star of MASH, almost died three times on Broadway? I just watched him on 30 Rock (shut up, I am 5 years behind "cool") and his Alan Alda-ness killed me. Also the MASH joke the writers slipped in? SOLID GOLD. "What's all this about a baby and a chicken? I thought this was a comedy show." 

What do you get if mix Downton Abbey and  cats? Downton Tabby.

Check out Run for Your Lives - a 5k obstacle course infected with "zombies". I want to do thiss! And I only run at the gym - but who could possibly resist?

Hey Guys, I made a FaceBook page for AGELESS PAGES REVIEWS. Since GFC is gone tomorrow (le horreur!) I would really, really love anyone who "liked" my page.


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