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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fun Stuff:

A reader of Time magazine asked (awesome) astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson what the most astounding fact about the universe was. This is his answer.
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Did you know that all .coms are now subject to US law? This is at least as worrying to me as SOPA/PIPA were a few months back.

The Book Thief is becoming a movie - with a driector already attached to the project. I'm both excited and scared - Liesel's story is so much more than just a girl in Nazi Germany and I hope the moviemakers realize that.

One of my favorite websites, Go Fug Yourself, is celebrating 10,000 posts! Also includes a bit about their pre-fame days, a cover reveal for their next book (Messy, due out June 5th this year) as well as a trip down memory lane with long-time Fug Girls favorites, The Peldons. This is a very funny, very snarky fashion blog so if any of those three are key words for you, don't miss out on the fun of Jessica and Heather.

This post illustrates why I love Meryl Streep and think she's a lady of rare class and talent.

The Cuddlebuggery Book Blog has a very thoughtful post up about woman and romance novels. It's longish, but worth the read.

Elizabeth May is a photographer, a model and now an author. She's behind the forthcoming The Falconer, which not only sounds amazing ("Humans will be the hunted. Love will be tested. Vengeance will be had. ") but wonderfully original. It doesn't hurt that she seems to be made entirely of epic amounts of awesome.

If/when I ever get married, these will come in handy: bookish themes/invitations for your wedding.

Did you know you can grow a rainbow rose naturally? If I was slightly green-thumbed, I'd try. Gorgeous.

500 NEW fairy tales unearthed in Germany. And in a year, we'll have all-new YA reiminaginings of them.

I'm Getting Too Old For This Shit - awesome mash-up of "Lethal Weapons", "Stripes", more.

The Simpsons have spoofed the Game of Thrones intro and it is a thing of beauty - and I don't even tolerate the Simpsons.

KONY 2012 is sweeping the web right now. And while its both amazing to see how interconnected we are as a planet, I am worried. I think the charity of Invisible Children absolutely has their collective heart in the right place, but the situation in Africa re: Kony is more complicated than a surface article/video can articulate. There are several blogs/posts/websites that point out the errors/miscalculations of IC's campaign, and they should be read, just as the video made by the charity should be watched. Kony should be outseted and arrested, but please read before giving money to a charity that spent only 31% of their budget to their own program.

The first pictures - ever - of a bear using tools. Evolution is fun!

Jimmy Fallon, as Neil Young, sings 'Sexy and I Know It' with the REAL Bruce Springsteen. Awesome, just awesome.

As I just got my copy today, I couldn't resist linking this beautiful review for Gail Carriger's last Parasol Protectorate novel, Timeless. No spoilers, be unafraid of running 5 books of percolation.

And from Cracked:


  1. FB page liked! Thanks for lifting up the critique of the Kony stuff -- we just dealt with that at work.

    I'm super keen on the new fairy tales -- will be interested to see if they're variations of existing Aarne classification theme-y things or something entirely new!

    1. Audra, I want to nominate you to win the internet. You're so kind - always. I appreciate the like!

      The Kony stff bums me out. He should be removed and arrested but IC seems to be shady. Sad deal.

      I am excited about them too. I hope they publish them all in a volume in the next year or so - new fairytales!! So exciting.


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