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Wednesday, March 14, 2012
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This Week in WTF Arizona:
I live in Arizona, this affects me personally and there is almost no media coverage of it. Neither here or on a national level, so please read up and stop this recent trend of misogynist lawmaking.

On a lighter note: I want this alarm clock. It wakes you up with Stephen Fry saying: "It appears to be morning. Very inconvenient, I agree. I believe it is the rotation of the Earth that is to blame, Sir." "I am delighted that you have survived another night." or "I'm afraid that the staff has absconded, Sir, and it is my day off. I trust it would not too onerous, Sir, to make your own exquisitely slices toast and perfectly cooked breakfast?"
Introvert vs. Extrovert Personality Quiz - or ambivert? Yep - it exists but I am not one. I am an extrovert.

This is a rather creative photoshoot that shows seniors looking at a reflection of their younger selves. The first one is my favorite.

Long in the works Ender's Game gets three new cast members.

TUMBLR OF THE WEEK: Least Helpful Reviews.

From Cracked:

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