Blog Watch Wednesday

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fun Stuff:

Meg Cabot's shares personal recollections and a poignant video on the tragedy. 500,000 people evacuated by boat in under 9 hours - the largest sea evacuation in history.

The World Trade Center site - a time lapse video of the rebirth of the area.

This poster lets YOU smack that arrogant ass Joffrey IN THE FACE! Win all around! It's also available in t-shirt form.

The shortlist for the 2012 Man Booker Prize has been released! Man, apparently I really do need to read Wolf Hall and Bringing Up the Bodies.

TUMBLR OF THE WEEK: FILMography. A tumblr that finds famous scenes from movies in real life.

EL James is at it again. "It" meaning completely stupid and hypocritical.

The delightful Wendy Darling participated in a podcast full of Aussie writers! Kirsty Eager, Shirley Marr, and more!

The best author vlog I've come across. Jay Kristoff wins the internet. Also bonus Australian accent! And warning: strong language.

One of the producers behind the Harry Potter movies is going to make Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo into a movie! I am SO EXCITED. The Darkling! On screen! I must start fantasy casting this in my mind asap.

An infographic on all the deaths shown so far in Breaking Bad. I assume spoilers, but I don't watch so I don't know for sure. 

300's sequel now has a name... and it is 300: Rise of an Empire. Yeah, you go Cersei Lena Headey.

Don't miss the first pictures of Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan and Jane Fonda as Nancy. All I have to say is: scary.

The CW buys a monster high school drama! I love how the CW handles its other monster-centric show (SUPERNATURAL!), so I will be tuning in at least for the pilot.

Also coming to tv: Terry Brooks Shannara saga.

The 12 Greatest Science Fiction War Stories. Yeaaaah Firefly! and DUNE!! And Ender, of course.


  1. Another win for blogwatch Wednesday, and another 20 minutes of my life drained in internet awesome. That author vlog/dog with wings was hilarious.

    1. I am so glad you like them. It makes me happy to know I am not just posting these for myself.
      And yes! I love that vlog - I don't watch many, but I really enjoy Jay Kristoff.

  2. There's a 300 sequel?! Is it going to be filled with pretty? I might be a lesbian, but I do love the airbrushed male cheesecake like nobody's business...

    1. I am surprised too! I remember hearing about it years ago and then....nothing! I'm excited to see the airbrushed abs too -- that movie is the only one I can stand Gerard Butler in.. all down to his delicious body. Superficial? Yes, but I am okay with it XD

  3. You always pick such fun articles for this. That Joffrey poster is going in my tv room.

    1. Right? Just for stress relief when I have a bad day. Smack Joffrey and feel better!
      And if there's ever anything you want linked, send me a email, DM, etc :)

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