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Wednesday, September 26, 2012
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 Please, please, register to vote. Before it's too late.

A literary insult for every occasion. I am not denying I will be using this for reference in the future. 

If you need some cheer in your life (and have heard about the predicted pork shortage in 2013), don't miss Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson)'s slam poem to bacon.

And have a Parks and Rec gag reel for season 4 to go with that Ron Swanson goodness.

You know how I love an infographic - here's one that charts the Skywalker storyline

And another one, this one from the Guardian about the first nonPotterverse novel from the beloved author.

13 best zombie movies ever made. I love that Death Becomes Her gets a nod. That move is so damn funny.

2012 Emmy Superlatives -- as according to the hilarious Fug Girls. (Titles include: Best Breakup Cleavage, and Saddest Hair. Need I say more?)

Bad Lip Reading returns! Not as hilarious as the Twilight one, but this interpretation of the Hunger Games is pretty entertaining.

The best of The Office from season eight. I do love me some Groban and he was hilarious.

If you're a dog lover/dog owner, this cartoon from the Oatmeal is for you.

Adele confirmed to sing the next Bond theme song. That might be enough to make me see the movie. Might.

This is some awesome and insane video of a volcano erupting.

An actor from M*A*S*H to guest star on Supernatural! Normally I don't post itty bitty news like that, but MASH is my all-time favorite show and I loooove me some Supernatural. I am excited.

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