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Monday, August 31, 2015
Only Jessie and I could go to dinner and each leave with more books than we walked in with.

That's right, after more than twelve years, your blogging hosts have finally met in FaceSpace. And it was awesome. She gives amazing hugs and the best, most thoughtful gifts and I'm just so brimming over with love. I can't wait to see her again in...9 months.

I might put a countdown on the front page. Like a garishly over-sized one. None of you mind, right?

But August wasn't just happyweddinghugs month, oh no. It was also the start of my first OTSP Secret Sister project. And my sister hit the ground running, gifting me both the entire Outlander series and The Distance Between Us, along with some pretty sweet goodies.

Thanks again, "Celaena"!

I'm on the world's strictest buying ban, but while in Mesa, what should I find but a used and rare bookshop with an ARC of Farewell Summer, Bradbury's final novel? You know that came home with me. In fact, I kinda sorta maybe left Mesa with eleven more books than I came with? I ended up leaving I Was Here in the rental car because it wouldn't fit in any of my suitcases?

I have a problem, guys.


See, someone decided to have a book themed wedding, full of the most gorgeous bookish centerpieces and flowers and decorations. And that someone also decided to be the coolest bride in history and hand out blind date books as her favors! And then, when my husband decided to start collecting the books that didn't get taken, someone told him that was totally cool.

She's the best, right?

(DOBaS UK was my gift for making her wedding flowers, Farewell Summer, The Human Division, Origamido, and Lord Brocktree are from the used store, and the other five were our favors.)

And lastly, I got 7 eARCs, because what's another septet at this point?

I've already finished Lumiere, but I'm most hyped for Vengeance Road. 

So how was your August, friends? Did you get all the books you wanted?



  2. hahah I am glad the books found a good home. I loved picking out all the book nerds at the wedding.

    And VENGEANCE ROAD WHAT. I need a review on that from you ASAP. I am worried about the dialect but I've heard such good things.

    1. VR - I only got last week, which seems weird since it came out today? I'm 2 chapters in and yes, the dialect is distracting. But badass girls dressed as boys on a murder spree is my jam.


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