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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

As book bloggers, we tend to get caught up in, well, books! So this year, Jessie and I've decided we want to tell you the spooky things we love as much as Three Musketeers bars. So, here are our favorite:

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Halloween Movie:

Jessie: Hocus Pocus! This movie is just so much fun to me and feels like the little-kid side of Halloween -- when it's about costumes and trick or treating.

Dani: The Addams Family. My life's goal is to become Wednesday. The movie's funny and a little spooky but mostly it's a really good heart?

Scary TV Show:

Dani: American Horror Story: Murder House. I'm the biggest Ryan Murphy fangirl, but I don't think anything tops the original AHS. It combined traditional horror scares with the kind of fears you shouldn't talk about: teen sex, gay neighbors, BDSM. It's shocking and gory and in typical Murphy fashion, worse every successive season. 

Jessie: literally none/ Walking Dead for three seasons. I am a total wuss when it comes to being visually frightened. The Walking Dead managed to get me to watch for three seasons, so it counts.

Spooky Song:

Jessie: I've Put a Spell on You! So since I forgot Dani's excellent choice, this was what popped into my head. I can't hear this song without picturing Bette Midler doing her best Winnifred Sanderson.

Dani: Heads Will Roll/Thriller - Glee (Not sorry.) (oh my GOD I FORGOT HOW AWESOME THAT SONG IS. Their best mashup! - J)

And of course, we are book bloggers. Our favorite......

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Horror Story:

Dani: The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey. I'm really not a horror person, despite my AHS and Fatal Frame addictions. TGWAtG is unsettling, thought provoking, and truly phenomenally written, and it also happens to be a zombie story. 

Jessie: Long Lankin by Lindsey Barraclough. This book is just so damn creepy and unsettling. It stuck with me FOR YEARS.

I hope we've given you something to listen to, watch, and read this Halloween season. As you can see, neither of us is into the traditional blood and guts, but what about you? Tell us your favorite books, movies, shows, and of course, CANDY in the comments!



  1. JESSIE YOU AND I ARE THE SAME PERSON. Hocus Pocus, heck yeah. Scary shows? Not really for me (although I might say Season 1 of Sleepy Hollow. It was spooky and I really liked it! Parts of Vampire Diaries too maybe). Dani, I am terrified just seeing print promos for any of the AHS hahaha. And yessss Long Lankin!!! It's stayed with me too. I can't wait for you to read The Mark of Cain, it finally comes out in the US next May!

  2. I forgot to add that Three Musketeers are the best. Great post ladies!

    1. Did you know they used to be three in a pack, the chocolate, a vanilla, and a strawberry? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO TO BRING THIS BACK?

  3. OH MY GOD. Fatal Frame! THAT GAME HAS TRAUMATIZED ME FOR LIFEEEEEE. I will never, ever forget it.

    And yes, Long Lankin. YESSSSSS! That book was the best! Thanks, ladies, for being a host this year!

    1. My sister and I just started the new FF this weekend. I did a lot of screaming. (What is wrong with this series and DOLLS?!)

    2. I didn't even know there WAS a new one. I don't even want to know.

  4. I've tried to watch The walking dead, but I just can't do it. I can't handle the blood and creepy parts. I love Hocus Pocus :D

  5. It has been YEARS since I have seen Hocus Pocus! The Addams Family is a great choice. I need to pick that up sometime. Wednesday is my hero.


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