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Monday, July 11, 2011

This is (hopefully) the first of a few posts I've got planned for this marvelous day. I'm (finally!) home from a four day 1,400 mile roadtrip with a friend that sapped all living strength from me. First up is the awesome blog award I received from the uber-awesome and lovely Libby Heily. One of my favorite blogs since I entered the blogosphere, Libby is friendly and has interesting, thought-provoking posts I love to read. Libby's blog has an interesting mix of all kinds of topics, ideas, writing... it's a time-waster in the best sense of the word.

And here are the awards she was so kind to think of me for:

As always, there are RULES!
1. Thank and link back to the person who passed on the award.
2. Share 7 random tidbits about yourself.
3. Pass on the award to others (the number can be from 3-10) and link to their blogs.
4. Let those people know you’ve given them the award.


1. I can't sleep without background noise.
2. I love old movies. Singing in the Rain = BEST MOVIE EVER
3. I love movie previews before the movie in the theatre. I'll leave an extra 20 minutes early to catch them.
4. I've been practicing martial arts since I was 8 and have won several tournaments.
5. I used to be fluent in French. Not so much the last 3 years. \
6. I would read my textbooks cover to cover for fun in high school and college.
7. I have a sister who is 17 months older than me and a brother that is 17 months younger than me. 



  1. You are welcome! And I love the tidbits! I too love movie previews. I can't believe you won tournaments! That rules!

  2. Congrats! I'm so pleased you got these -- and that you shared such fascinating tidbits! I also love old movies -- a local indie theatre here is showing Casablanca with a champagne toast -- my idea of a perfect night. I envy your fluency (or near fluency) in French -- I'm sadly a monoglot.

  3. HEY! That's me :D woohooo! You rock!

    Congrats on the prizes!


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