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Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Short one this week because, well the short of it is, I SUCK at time management. I promise this is a temporary stasis at my blog. Normal schedule to resume as of Monday (hopefully...).

Now as you all know, if you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, I am a complete and total Potterhead. I love Harry; I grew up reading and mentally adventuring all over England with him. The end of all new Potterness with the final movie next week is a bittersweet occasion for a legion of people across the world. THIS is a truly well-written sentimental post about growing up with Harry Potter. Harry forever! 

The latest in a series I'm currently reading (Faeriewalker by Jenna Black) has released! Sirensong is the name of the concluding volume and though it came out two days ago, Bookhounds already has a review up that doesn't spoil the novel for future readers!

For the most ridiculous publishing news I've heard in quite some time, head on over to Pat's Fantasy Hotlist. Why? Well, TYRA BANKS has a fantasy book deal. Don't believe me? Details are here. Weep, all ye unpublished struggling authors for this travesty.

An intriguing book called The Cambridge List caught my eye over at Libby Heily's blog. Her post only furthered my interest -- Greek gods living in someone's head? AWESOME. You should be interested, too.

Have you heard that the oxford comma is officially nonexistent? Bards and Prophets has a hot post (48 comments so far) debating the necessity (or not) of said comma. If you're an grammar fiend, click here to check it out. I will use the oxford until the day I die!

Well, in about four hours I am off to Boulder, CO (I initially wrote that as Coulder, BO.  I don't think that sounds like somewhere I want to go...) for four days. I'll be back late Sunday so everyone enjoy their week and weekend!


  1. Last weekend REALLY threw me (and my blog) off as well.

    I refuse to click on any link about Tyra's book, that is just ridiculous.

  2. The Charles Dickens kindle is one of the coolest pictures I have ever seen. I would display in my house and treat it with respect.

  3. Safe travels! I looooved the CD kindle -- gorgeous! I'm quite stunned abt the oxford comma -- what??? Thanks for letting me know! ;)

  4. The Oxford comma seems to be kicking up a storm at the moment! I didn't realise it had so many adherents :)

  5. Lauren: The Tyra thing is so so ridiculous! Ugh!

    And I waaaant a Kindle like that. Charming and cute!!


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