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Wednesday, December 21, 2011
 Reviews Posted During the Last Week:

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(young-adult, supernatural fiction)

(young-adult, supernatural fiction)

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(young-adult, fantasy)
(young-adult, historical fiction)

Awesome Interweb Stuff:

Because I adore nearly all things steampunk: Classic Disney villains redrawn in the steampunk style. (Though Mulan really is not a villain....) I'm going to go ahead and say that Ursula from The Little Mermaid is my favorite of the lot.

This made me smile: anonymous do-gooders paying layaway bills of strangers. NOW I kinda sorta feel like it's Christmas time.

Two movie trailers for your perusal:

And this week's TUMBLR OF THE WEEK: Kim Jong-il Looking At Things.

I thoroughly enjoyed this gag reel from 2009's Star Trek. Irish Spock is probably my favorite bit without Chris Pine's face.

Seven "surprise twists" authors need to stop using. (Though I disagree with one because I LOVE The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.)

According to the Daily Mash, Game of Thrones is a "fantasy gateway drug". I was amused, though I started with fantasy long before I read the tale of Eddard Stark, the Targaryens and Westeros.

Sad news: Etta James is "terminally ill" at this point.

Any Supernatural fans out there in my readerdom? If so, Misha Collins ("Castiel") asked his Twitter followers to do something-or-other and as a reward he posted a picture of himself, naked, on a horse.

If you don't know or don't care about SOPA and what it means for your personal use of the internet, this is a great comic that hits all the talkingpoints.

The Nine Greatest Nerd Fears of Today. I myself am definitely guilty of fear #9 and #1.

From Cracked:

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