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Wednesday, August 22, 2012
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Prince Harry went to Vegas -- and got crazy! Maybe NSFW - a naked Prince!

Fans of Darcy from Thor will be glad to know Kat Dennings has signed on the the sequel, Thor: The Dark World. More Tom Hiddleston as Loki! I will never tire of this casting.

Sigh. Disney is rebooting another old favorite. This time under the knife it is "Rocketeer."

Bloggers are well aware of this, but io9 looks at the newest fad in YA paranormal novels: the mermaid. (Boo for Of Poseidon!) I do have Monstrous Beauty up soon, so that one at least looks worth reading.

What if other authors had written The Lord of the Rings? Well, someone has written what they think alternative authors than JRR Tolkien would've come up with for the fantasy classic. Oscar Wilde's may be my favorite.Or Hemingway's.

Awesome Avenger's bloopers/deleted scenes. Well worth watching.

Don't miss these videos/Gifs of Avengers cast dancing around. #moveslikehiddles and ROBIN SCHERBATSKY!

TUMBLR OF THE WEEK: oldpeoplefacebook. I was so entertained by this. I think my mom fits a lot of those posts, though I wouldn't call her an old person. Just technologically out of date.

TUMBLR OF THE WEEK #2: CorporateTwits

Actors you didn't know who could actually sing. Some of them are talented (Ackles, Rosario Dawson, Renner), and some are just hilariously awkward. It's a great pick me up for a bad daty.

Phyllis Diller, legendary comedienne, has passed away at the age of 95. Her obituary in the New York Times is amazing. Congrats on a life well-lived, Ms. Diller.

Hollywood reflects on the life of Tony Scott, who committed suicide this past weekend. 

14 billion years of cosmic evolution shown in just 78 seconds. This is pretty damn cool if you're into space.

With the Weird Tales misguided relations about the epic fuckery that is Revealing Eden, N.K. Jemisin will be publishing her work for the anthology on her blog - for free. 

Need a laugh? Don't miss the 50 Shades Generator

This isn't making me nervous at all: ABC planning a "steampunk Tom Sawyer" tv show. I'd love to see a steampunk show -- but Tom Sawyer? Why not adapt a popular steampunk novel, like they are doing with The Parasol Protectorate?

Not-yet-famous people that were on X-Files! Heh, Ryan Reynolds looks like such a goofball.

The unbearable unraveling of sockpuppetry. Worth reading if you're at all connected to the STGRB nonsense. 

16 books that are to be turned/have been adapted into movies


  1. Thanks for the link to cut disney songs, really enjoying them!!!!! I love disney movies!

    1. No problem! I thought they were awesome too! I will always love Disney songs :-)

  2. Oh man, dare I read the sockpuppetry post? The STGRB make me ill.

    1. It's not too bad, just confirms what most people have suspected about who is behind it. I have tried to stay out of it, but they screengrabbed my tweets last week. I was more amused than anything, but it needs to stop.


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