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Friday, August 23, 2013

I was late to know about this awesome challenge out together by Good Books and Good Wine, so when a friend wanted to start it late, I jumped it. There are several of us joining in - every Friday for 15 weeks, Christina of A Reader of Fictions, Lili of Lili's Reflections, Mickey of I'm A Book Shark and I will post our challenge answers. Stop by their blogs to see their answers! This week's topic is blogging BFFs!

This topic is hard, because over the last year I've gotten to know some really awesome, funny, smart bloggers. I'm sure to miss some, and that's on me, but here goes. This list is going to be long, because rather than pick "BFFS", I chose bloggers who have influenced me.
My co-blogger, Danielle. (on twitter)
I've known Danielle the longest of anyone on this list and when I wanted a co-blogger, she was the first person I turned to. She's so witty it hurts, so smart it's enviable, and so funny I don't know how to compete. She brings a whole lot more to the table for Ageless Pages, and if I have one blogging BFF, it's her. 
Audra is one of the first book bloggers I ever talked to. When I needed advice, or support, she jumped in to help me. She's smart, clever, and her reviews are some of the best. She is partly responsible for how insane my TBR pile is. When she gets enthusiastic about a book, that's when I know it's something special. 

Libby Heily (on twitter)
I've known Libby for a while, and this author is talented. Her short stories and her novel have both impressed me. She's also snarky and friendly. I don't remember how we started to talk, but I am glad we did. I wish nothing but success for her.


If you know one thing about Kara, it is that she is loyal to her friends. She's just so fantastic in so many ways. I often find books I would never of heard of through her, and thus I also blame her for the explosion of my TBR. Her passion for everything is obvious and she is one of the bloggers I look up to the most.
 Lyn has a wit and a temper. Both of which are things I absolutely enjoy. If there is a troll on goodreads, Lyn is the Batman to my Robin. We've done a few readalongs together, and each time I am impressed at the analysis and insight she brings to the table. She is also the go-to person for anything on Norse mythology. And don't be fooled, she is anything but heartless. 2014 BEA buddies!
Blythe of Finding Bliss in Books [which I always read as "Finding Blythe in Books] (on twitter)
She of endless GIF abilities and her own religion. Blythe makes me laugh so hard and so often it's embarrassing. When I snortlaugh at the internet, my boyfriend knows it's either Blythe or Gillian's fault. Her success and rapid emergence as a blogging force to be reckoned with fills me with happiness. She deserves a wide-audience for her antics.

Christina's blog is a must-check for me, for more than just Cover Snark, though that remains a favorite. I don't always feel the same way about the same books, but her thoughts are so well-written and persuasive that I can always see her side.

Bonnie! Bonnie is quieter than some of my other blogger friends, but I love interacting and tweeting with her. Be it ranting about being ignored on NG (damn you, Tarnish!), or complaining that adulthood is not as fun as promised, she is always a pleasure. She also highlights a lot of books I haven't heard and when she gets excited about a certain book, I know I have to read it.

GillyB here is a newer friend, but I can't imagine book blogging or twitter without her. Her puns are magnificent, her reviews insightful and full of both GIF wizardry and humor. She also has great music and movie taste. And I'm just gonna leave this here for her. 

We are creepily twin like. She gets me. She's the Niles to my Frasier (or am I the Niles to her Frasier? It depends.) She's quietly funny, often sarcastic, and rapidly emerging as one of my favorite twitter accounts. One of these days we will transition to IRL friends (AZ bloggers unite!) and it will be dangerous for all mankind MAGNIFICENT.

This girl leaves the best comments. Seriously. Another I've known a shorter amount of time, Christina has shown herself to be friendly, funny, and super-smart. Intimidatingly so. Her review format is also genius; talking about books is so easy and fun with her.

If you want in-depth, contemplative reviews, Ivy Book Bindings is the place to go. I don't know how Keertana manages to read so voraciously on top of school and life, but she updates often and her thoughts on a wide variety of genres are not to be missed.

Another punderful book blogger with great taste and a sense of humor that nearly matches mt own. I have her to thank for my newest movie obsession as well as a few books I had overlooked. Her passion for all things Tamora Pierce is both impressive and far-reaching. #PierceFest is forever associated with her and GillyB.

Ashleigh Paige of Birth of a New Witch (on twitter)

Ashleigh is another reviewer that I wish I talked to more. Her reviews are so detailed and thoughtful that they're intimidating -- but in a good way. They inspire me to do better. Her analysis of books - be it feminist, etc. - is precise and makes me want to read more analytically. 

Ewa doesn't blog or review all that often, but when she does, it's special. She is also one of the most irreverent, funny people alive. She's not too active in the blogging community itself, but when she does review, it's not to be missed.

I admired Renae's reviews for a long time before we started to chat. I had no idea this girl was still in high school at the time- she's mature, thoughtful, and very intelligent. I love her reviews, her romance novel cover finds, and her dog pics. Seriously one of the most amusing bloggers I've gotten to know.

Flannery is so smart and friendly that when I got an email notifying me that she had followed me on Twitter, I saved the email. True story. She pops in once in a while, and it is always memorable, easy, and fun to strike up a random conversation with her. (Our Golden Girls convo still makes me laugh.) We'll always (almost) have David Foster Wallace.

Oceana Nightfern of Assorted Insanity (on twitter

Oceana is my go-to girl for fandoms. Be it on The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, or, oh yeah, books, her enthusiasm is infectious, far-reaching and genuine. Chatting with her is fun, time-consuming, and full of laughter.

These are two ladies I greatly respect and don't interact with as much as I would like. Both are reviewers whose thoughts can greatly impact whether or not I will buy or read a book. Both command a large reading audience, which are completely deserved.

I told you this was long. And it really is a list of people I am indebted to, admire, or even want to get to know more. The book blogging community is full of such wonderful people and I am so lucky to know the ones I do. There are more I am just getting to know/know better (Ellis, Bekka, Pixie, Kate Bond, Lisbeth, Lili, Mickey, Jamie, Steph & Kat, Tigerlily Rachel, and more!) but look forward to chatting more.


  1. NOOOO EVIL MOULIN ROUGE SNEAK ATTACK!! *tears everywhere*

    <3333 a million for putting me on your list, bloggy punny nerdy brain twin :)

  2. You made me have a lot of feels. Mostly cause I don't make lists ever. FREAKISHLY TWIN LIKE YO

  3. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Feeling all the feels right now. Thank you so much--the entire section for me made my week, but especially the last two sentences. I appreciate that so much. Thank you. <3

  4. All these people are always making my TBR pile longer, especially Kara! I told her so in a comment too. Jessie, I have no idea what we'll do o.O.

    "which I always read as "Finding Blythe in Books"" <-- OMG I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE. THANK YOU FOR ADMITTING TO THIS. I get Blythe and Bliss mixed up so often!

    "...complaining that adulthood is not as fun as promised" <-- Nooooo. So I guess I don't have much to looking forward to in these post-college years o.O.

    FRASIER REFERENCE FOR THE WIN. And Golden Girls. And Game of Thrones. And that Moulin Rouge clip - lol, it's been awhile, but I like how that gun totally defied gravity.

    #PierceFest - So I still need to get on this. I'm surprised that nobody has rec'd a TP novel for me yet, though hers are fan-favorites that are compared to nearly every HF in YA...

    :) Thank you for your lovely words. So looking forward to our read-along soon!!

  5. Great list!! I love this community so much. <3

  6. I love you in a heterosexual way, my Robin. *glomp*

  7. Yay! I love you too, Jessie! I am so glad I'm responsible for your TBR exploding! Loyal and passionate. I think I can hang with that description. :D

  8. Awwww, thanks Jessie! I was so excited to see I made the list. Right now, I have a big cheesy grin on my face!

  9. I am so delighted and honored to be included here -- thank you, Jessie! I'm grateful for your friendship as you are always willing to be a sounding board when I'm worried about something! Can't wait to check out these other new-to-me bloggers!

  10. Audra is awesome! I also have a special place in my heart for bloggers who blog adult books and not just YA (she mostly does adult), but I love that you and Kara and April do a lot of adult too.

    Every time I write about Kara, I talk about how loyal she is and it is SO TRUE.

    Awwwwww, Lyn's batman! That's amazing!


    Ooh, Bonnie's super nice. And I can also get adult book recs (or not) from her.

    Bahaha, I want to be a tv character with you. I FEEL LEFT OUT. (I am clearly the needy one in this relationship. Troy to your Abed?)

    Christina DOES leave the best comments, and, no, I am not talking about myself in the third person, not that I am above that.

    Ashleigh's totally intimidating at first. Renae too. And they're so young. When they are old ladies, they shall be feared far and wide.

    Flannery is not around enough, but she's wonderful!


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