15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 1 - 15 Book-Related Confessions

Friday, August 9, 2013
I was late to know about this awesome challenge out together by Good Books and Good Wine, so when a friend wanted to start it late, I jumped it. There are several of us joining in - every Friday for 15 weeks, Christina of A Reader of Fictions, Lili of Lili's Reflections, Mickey of I'm A Book Shark and I will post our challenge answers. Stop by their blogs to see their answers!

15 Book-Related Confessions

I try to buy as many books in a series as I can before starting to read the first. This has led to own HUNDREDS of books that I've yet to read. But this way, I don't have to wait to dive into the next book if I love the first.

 All these? UNREAD. And they just sit there and stare at me.

 When I have an ARC review due, or an e-ARC about to expire, I usually find myself on NetGalley or edelweiss looking for new ones. Self control is not really a part of my vocabulary.

 I think this is common to many bloggers, but if I enter a bookstore/grocery store/department store, I will be leaving with at least one book. I don't care if I am swamped with review copies, I will buy something.

I own a Kindle and (two) Nooks and if I buy a book on one of them, I can't buy its sequels on the other. If I have the first Girl of Fire and Thorns on Nook and the second is on sale for Kindle? Nope. Not even if it is free. I am the same with paperbacks and hardcovers. If I buy one in paperback, all the sequels will have to be the same.

 I love dust covers, but I don't take them off when I read. I am really careful with my books, so they usually end up in good condition. I mean, if it's an awesome dust cover, I want to look at it while I am reading!

 If I really love a book, I will read the last page before I am completely done. Not right away, but usually once I start to really care about what happens, I spoil myself.

I rarely read more than two books at a time. I usually have an ARC and a "my choice" book going on concurrently. I tend to read the ARC during the day, and sneak an hour for my own books before bed.

I will only lend my books to select few people that know how protective I am and can be trusted not to harm them. Yes I am that person who will get mad if you dog-ear or mark the pages. 

 I haven't used my library card since I got my first paying job. I love the idea of libraries, but outside of the university library, I'd rather own what I read. This does mean I own books I don't like, but that happens rarely and then I just turn it into the local bookstore for store credit.

I can read through pretty much any noise. Conversation, tv, music, dogs playing... it all gets phased out, especially if I LOVE what I am reading.

 On a good day, I can read 110+ pages in an hour. And since I've become a blogger, I read more, across more genres. For the last three years, my yearly book total has increased 50+ books. In 2011, I read 208 books. In 2012, I read 262. So far for 2013, I've read 221 and it's only the beginning of August. 

 If the book synopsis mentions/hints at there being a dragon I WANT TO READ THAT BOOK. I love dragons, and I will literally read anything that involves them. 

 My TBR is huge (2800 books, with 570 I actually own and haven't read) and I actually get depressed when I remember I will never have enough time to read everything I want to.

If I go to your house, I will find your books/bookshelves and tell you which ones I've read. Obnoxious? Probably.

I love to reread my favorite novels. There are some that I make a point to reread every year (The Harry Potter books - maybe not the whole series but at least a few of the books, The Lies of Locke Lamora, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Prince of Tides, The Dogs of Babel, The Historian.. etc.) I always find something new to love.

This was fun! Be sure to check out Reader of Fictions, Lili's Reflections, and I'm A Book Shark to see their 15 Book Related Confessions!


  1. #1: AHA. And now you have the Faeriewalker trilogy to go with them :). But waiting is the worst when it's a good book, so I get that.

    #2: ME TOO. This was the bane of my existence when I first started out because I had like 10 where that happened and I didn't realize you could redownload until the ARCs were archived. So many passed, many were archived, and even now still behind on review books but am still occasionally checking EW to see if I was approved.

    #3: Yep. This is why I own so many books I still haven't read o.O.

    #4: Ooh, I'm not that picky. I get confused which books are on the Nook v. Kindle apps on my computer and I'm a huge mix and match pb and hb gal. Of course this means you're probably someone who doesn't get gyped when the cover changes, eh?

    #5: I'd like to say all my books were in good condition, but I lent a friend some with the dust jacket still on, and now they're all messed up by the spine or crinkled from rain or something else. It never occurred to me to take the dust jackets off, though, 'cause I'm afraid I'll lose them.

    #6: ME TOO. Did that with the False Prince, which I am currently listening to on audiobook :DD. Sometimes the spoilers make you more curious - how did X and X get to be that way? how did that happen?

    #7: Even that's too much for me. Which is probably why I'm behind on ARCs and personal copies o.O.

    #8: I am a total dog-ear marker but I would never do that to someone else's book. Actually my mom undid the dog-eared pages in my books. Grrrr.

    #9: Me too. I have a hard time managing my own stacks, so getting more from the library is not a good idea for me :/.

    #10: Lucky you. Only happens if I'm *really* immersed in a book, which is rare.


    #12: Now I want to know what your favorite dragon book is :).

    #13: Ah, yes. Same, which is why despite awesome blog reviews, I am trying to enforce a book buying ban on myself.

    #14: No! That's great. I wouldn't mind if that happened if it meant we could discuss a good book.

    #15: Yes. Which is yet another reason why I am behind on TBR books. I haven't heard of some of yours, but some are also on my TBR (The Historian - I believe I spent some time on Amazon debating whether or not to buy that :O).

  2. 1. I like to have all the books too. I don't like to wait!!

    4. I can't say I relate but I totally undertand the idea.

    6. I could NEVER do that. I hate when things are spoiled for me.

    8. I totally feel you on that. Books are precious!

    10. I like quiet. But if the book is excellent, I can tune stuff out for sure.

    11. DAYUM, girl. That's a lot of books!! Haha.

    15. I'm not a rereader, but I find it interesting when people are.

  3. 1. I also own hundreds. Knowing that I will die without reading them all makes me want to cry.

    2. This is why I pretty much won't have anything to do with eARCs any more. I can't manage my requests in the slightest.

    3. I'm too much of a cheapskate for that.

    5. How does the cover sliding around not make you feel murderous? HOW?

    6. O_O

    7. Good system!

    11. Like you, I read a lot before, but read way more now!

    12. DRAGONS.

    13. My TBR is above 5000, and I think I own 700-some I haven't read out of 1300 total.

    14. Me too. :-p

    15. Rereading is the best, but I don't do it much anymore sadly.


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