15 Day Blogger Challenge - Book Shopping Habits

Friday, September 13, 2013

I was late to know about this awesome challenge out together by Good Books and Good Wine, so when a friend wanted to start it late, I jumped it. There are several of us joining in - every Friday for 15 weeks, Christina of A Reader of Fictions, Lili of Lili's Reflections, Mickey of I'm A Book Shark and I will post our challenge answers. Stop by their blogs to see their answers! 

How I shop for books... is largely on impulse, and online, because: hello, convenience! Books just SHOW UP AT MY DOORSTEP. Just kidding. Well, mostly. I do a lot of impulse buying - at a grocery store if they have a display of something I want, or in a bookstore finding special deals. At the beginning of very year, I pre-order/order 10-15 books I am excited about. Then those arrive throughout the year and I get book presents all year long! For instance - I've had Kinslayer, Rose Under Fire, and Curtsies & Conspiracies pre-ordered since April.

I do most of my shopping online - either at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Better World Books, or the Book Depository. I have a (huge) master-list of books I want more (you know, out of the hundreds in my "want-now-find-asap" and "must have" lists on GR.) Here are a FEW pages:

I am only this organized when it means I get to cross things off a list. And I notate what form of the book I want - paperback, hardback, Nook, or Kindle. And then, I sometimes go off list and just see what bargains I can find online. I have an impulse control problem, which is my my owned-to-read pile is an entire bookcase. 

My name is Jessie, and I have a bookbuying problem.  And I keep shopping. And  



  1. Your system is so organized and wonderful and this book-buying addict needs to steal it, because I tend to be an impulsive book buying kind of girl.

    *logs on Amazon* *sees book* OOH I kind of want to read that, what would happen if I just--

    *one click order placed*

    Oh. Okay. Awesome.

    1. Amazon is both wonderful and the devil. I can completely commiserate with how it absconds with all the money.

  2. That list. I'm both terrified and amazed. You have pretty handwriting!

    I'm the same with impulse-buying. It's a bit better with books because I sort of have a list with the ones that take priority. Supermarkets, though. I have to make a list, otherwise I'll just buy a bunch of stuff that's often very bad for me.

    Amazon's 1-click system will be the death of my bank account. It's not even "slowly but surely" at this point.

    I like that "random presents for myself" idea very much. I'm tempted to do it too, but books still get delivered at my parents' house out of convenience and they would get on my case about buying too many books (which I'm totally guilty of but they don't need to know that.)

    You haven't read Bitterblue yet? O_o Do it. It's a bit of a reunion party and there's loads of Po, which I know you'll appreciate ;)

    1. Ha, thank you! And sadly, there is much more to the list than I showed. I am very avaricious when it comes to books. I want them ALL.

      I HAVE BITTERBLUE. It just came and I have no time to read and it's killing me. It just sits there and stares at me.

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  4. Online shopping is great, because not only do you get the book but you get MAIL. I love getting mail that is for me and not just advertisements.

    TBH, I do most of my personal shopping at Amazon, even though they're evil and all of that. But my desire to not support evil companies is beat out by my desire to save my money. Oh well.

    You only have one bookcase of TBR books? You're doing FINE.

    1. I am the same way. I try to shop at the local bookstore and B&N often, but Amazon is frequently a part of my buying habit.

      Aahaha, I feel better now. The bookcase is daunting but I do know there are people worse off than me.

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