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Saturday, September 21, 2013

I was late to know about this awesome challenge out together by Good Books and Good Wine, so when a friend wanted to start it late, I jumped it. There are several of us joining in - every Friday for 15 weeks, Christina of A Reader of Fictions, Lili of Lili's Reflections, Mickey of I'm A Book Shark and I will post our challenge answers. Stop by their blogs to see their answers! 

Blogging quirks... hmm. I don't honestly think I have too many, but here they are.

1. I read on a schedule. Kind of. I date all my reviews for ARCs and book tours, but I leave days open for mood-reading. So if I finish two review books and have three days before I need to start the next, I will pick whatever I want to read off my shelves and go with that.

2. I write notes. I read a lot, and I read fast. If I have a thought or criticism about a novel, I write it down so I can come back to it later, when I write the review. Which ties into #3...

3. I've been known to write reviews for books weeks after reading. Sometimes, I will write the review within hours, but I am also given to distraction and tv marathons. That's when my handy notebook of notes comes in handy. I am usually a few reviews behind this way, but I work better under pressure.

4. I never post discussions. I write them, get super self-conscious and then delete them without ever having let them live. I overthink things, and I get nervous so that is why my posts are usually reviews, with a few book hauls, etc. I am working on this. Opinions - I can have them on my own blog!

5. I rarely reread my reviews before I hit send. I will skim to see if the red squiggly line for typos shows up but I loathe reading my own reviews. I think I sound pretentious and ridiculous.  

6. I use the same format and font for every one of my reviews. (FYI --- that's how you can usually tell if it's a post from me or my coblogger Danielle - she uses a different font). You can find a link to the book on B&N, a link to the author's profile on GR, the genre, the #in a series, the publication date, my source for the book, and the rating all by the picture for every review on APR.

Those are the ones that pop into my mind right now. I am sure there are more, but that's what the edit button is for, right?


  1. Ahhhh, what?? I just commented on your site, and the comment box has changed o.o.

    1. Me too now! When you commented on my book quirks post, I'd said that I didn't use schedules... But I recently changed that and I'm all scheduled through April o.o. Assuming I get approved for some stuff. But mood reading is allowed via the recommendation feature! And since I'm still slightlyyyy ahead. I like that you have days specifically for mood-reaching though; that's nice.

    2. YEAH YOU READ FAST. o.o. I will remember this during our read-along. (btw, let's schedule another one soon!) It's good to write notes - it'll help for later. That would help me so much if I bothered to do that, but it's only if I remember now o.o.

    3. "I've been known to write reviews for books weeks after reading." Oohh, me too. I'm about to write a review for Across a Star-swept sea when I read it back in June o.o or July. Can't remember. TV & the interwebs and so many other things get in the way of review-right-after-reading. You're lucky you have your notebook!

    4. JESSIE, I so identify with the super self-conscious aspect of discussions. Ahhh, you reblogged mine about fantasy on BL -- that one? I felt so bad while replying to the comments. I kept thinking, crap, Christina, you were WAY too harsh; look, that guy linked the post to the YA Writers Reddit board (54 page views from there o.o.). On the comment board there, he said that he was reminded of "Royals" the song and I have no idea what that means o.o. I am totally overthinking things. AND I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE to read your opinions. I very much enjoyed your discussion on the GR changes; I imagine your other bookish discussions -- as happened with our email thread -- would be very thoughtful!

    5. "I think I sound pretentious and ridiculous." NO NEVER EVER. You always sound so thoughtful! And your reviews are so well written! Seriously, you are one of the bloggers with reviews that I aspire to write. (But also know I could never do, because I am WAY too wordy).

    6. Yep! I love the way you format your reviews. You're very good at writing blurbish summaries in the beginning. :)

    DAMN and here I was, hoping that you'd post something about dog-earring books so that I could link you back to the gingerbread man.

    1. YES TO ANOTHER READALONG. Though the first book was not great, it was a lot of fun discussing it with you.

      And you should be so proud of your discussions. They're so well written and thoughtful. I enjoy reading them immensely.

      And thank you, so much. That made my day. And YOU ARE NOT TOO WORDY. Never.

      Ahahahaha, YOU'RE A MONSTER.

  2. 3. I don't know how you keep it all straight, even with notes! It takes me a few days to write a review, but if it's been more than a week? Not happening. I'll forget something important or merge two scenes in my mind.
    4. I do this SO MUCH. Not just discussions, but TTT lists, Jamie's survey, even some reviews... I'm really trying to engage in more discussions but it's so hard because I'm scared everyone secretly hates me.
    5. Wizardry! Your reviews are always perfect and you don't reread them?
    6. Huh, we do use different fonts. I just copy my stuff from a word doc, I don't change it. Interesting!

    1. NO ONE COULD HATE YOU. And if they did, I would beat them up. This is totally reasonable.

      They are so not perfect because I refuse to read them. Reading my own writing just makes me hate myself.

      And it works! I need to make little buttons with our names to put at the end of reviews because I don't want to take credit for all your hard work and excellent reviews.

    2. <3
      I obsess over my own writing. I've been known to edit years old reviews because I saw a typo or I'm not happy with how I worded something. Goes back to my point about, "everyone hating me."

  3. Soon I will have time open for free reading again, and it will be brilliant.

    I feel like I need to start taking notes as I read. It didn't stick the last time, mostly because I'm constantly misplacing my pen and/or notebook, but it's got to be doable.

    Ummm, yeah, I also do not reread. This is a hobby not school. X_X I HATE reading my own writing.

    1. Free reading is awesome. I love getting ARCs but I do need to keep up on my series and such from before blogging.

      And YEAH BRAIN TWINS. I just cannot stand myself in written word. Ugh.

  4. I write notes too! I read so many books at the same time usually that if I don't take notes not only do I sometimes get multiple books mixed up together but my reviews usually end up being shit.
    That is so funny because I have a serious aversion to proof-reading my own reviews too. Honestly, I forward them to my mom and she proofs them for me. LOL

    1. YEAH BOOK NOTE BUDDIES. I think you are the only other one I know that does this. But seriously, it helps me so much,

      And that's a good idea! Moms are so useful.


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