Top Ten Books I Loved Less Than I Thought I Would

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday is all thanks to The Broke and the Bookish! This lovely header is thanks to APR's own Dani.

Expectations can be a bitch. Sometimes I get SUPER excited for a book, wait for months, let the anticipation build, finally buy/get it.... and then it does not live up to the wait. Thankfully that doesn't happen too often -- I've gotten better at avoiding the hype machine and also learning which authors to trust -- but it does/did happen. Here are some books that taught me how.

1. The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness
So it turns out no one tells the story of nonChosen Ones because those stories are really fucking boring.

2. Flamecaster by Cinda Williams Chima (The Shattered Realms #1)

3. Splintered by A.G. Howard (Splintered #1)
Problematic, cliched, AND boring? Cover fraud to the extreme. I really don't know how this spawned so many sequels but at least it's nice to look at the covers.

4. Crewel by Gennifer Albin (Crewel World #1)
This. Book. Made. No. Sense.

5. House of Shadows by Rachel Neumeier
Such an excellent premise and a gorgeous cover. This wasn't bad by any means but I know it could have been so much better.

6. The Last Romanov by Dora Levy Mossanen
This book made 330 pages feel like 500.

7. Ink by Amanda Sun (Paper Gods #1)
Not tbad but the premise deserved better than a hackneyed love triangle suffocating any real plot.

8. Premeditated by Josin McQuein
I don't know how the author took such an excellent premise and ground it down into blah and predictable but it happened.

9. Polaris by Mindy McGinnis (Avalon #2)
This proves that sometimes a good thing should just stay a standalone and not be extended into a series.

10. The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron
I could not even finish this and all of her other books have been four stars or better! I was very sad.


  1. You just saved me some time! I just knocked 2 books off my TBR! Admittedly, Splintered and Crewel were placed there based on the covers, but you've convinced me that isn't enough reason to read them!
    I have read The Last Romanov and I liked it. It is actually the book that whetted my appetite for reading nonfiction about the Romanov family.

    1. Ha, well I am glad I saved you the time/energy/money on those two. If you like Romanov nonfiction, you should really try Robert K Massie's books!

  2. Hey look, two of my DNFs are on here: The Last Romanov and Ink. And you know how I feel about Crewel. We should buddy read the sequel!

    (Pls no)

  3. Oh Flamecaster, I know what you mean. *cries*
    Awww that is too bad about The Forgetting! I still haven't read it yet but I have to admit the synopsis didn't appeal to me as much as her other books. So we'll see.

    1. Flamecaster was just MEAN. I did like Shadowcaster somewhat better, though.
      And yeaaaah I just didn't ~~get The Forgetting. Like the world/system did not make sense to me no matter how many times I tried to suspend my disbelief.

  4. Oh man! I found The Rest of Us Live Here to be crazy boring. I thought Crewel was pretty good but in retrospect I remember nothing about it and never bothered to continue the series SO clearly not that good. lol I haven't read any others on your list (and that might be a good thing). :)

    1. I was super sad not to like a Ness book but TRoUJLH was so so boring. Such a disappointment.


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