Two Minute Review: A Lie for A Lie by Robin Merrow MacReady

Monday, February 20, 2017
Title: A Lie for A Lie
Author: Robin Merrow MacReady
Genre: mystery, thriller
Series: N/A
Pages: 208
Published: expected February 28 2017
Source: publishers via NetGalley
Rating: 1/5

A gripping YA mystery about seventeen-year-old Kendra, an amateur photographer who discovers her father is leading a double life.

Kendra Sullivan loves taking pictures. But when a photograph reveals that her father is leading a double life, she sets out to investigate the situation. Before long, Kendra discovers her father's second family, which he has hidden for years. Kendra's knowledge soon turns into power; she is torn between exposing her father and destroying her family as she's known it, or looking deeper for the truth and suffering that outcome. This emotionally charged mystery pushes the boundaries between truth and deception, and the consequences one faces when dealing with life-changing information.

The premise for A Lie for A Lie is attention-grabbing and unique -- which is why it's such a shame that book shares neither of those two traits. The main character of Kendra faces a tough situation with her father/family situation and the chance to really grow up while handling it. However, this is a stunted, very rushed novel that exchanges emotion and honesty for a simple and easy ending. The potential for more is left unfulfilled or unexplored, and this YA thriller ends up shallow and silly.

This book is rather disappointing in several ways, both big and small. For one, it's too short to make any real impact -- less than 215 pages to create realistic characters and storylines? Secondly, (and a direct result of the first issue) the characters all lack depth and the ability to evoke empathy. Even Kendra is under-developed and deliberately facile. The plot is handled with bluntly or dispassionately, despite the supposedly dramatic subject matter. Unpolished and simplistic across the board, at least A Lie for A Lie is over quickly.


  1. Shucks, this one did sound interesting! When I think of short yet effective mysteries, April Henry always comes to mind. Sorry this one didn't work out for you but I'm glad to know now. :)

    1. ooh I shall have to try hers out instead :)


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