Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Wouldn't Mind Santa Leaving Under My Tree This Year

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Welcome, once again, to Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by our friends at The Broke and The Bookish! Today, we're pretending I've been a very good girl and asking Santa for the books under my tree this year.

All of them.

That was an easy list!

OK, no. Space is at a premium and I generally prefer ebooks, so there is a limit to what I actually want Santa to put under the tree. (Not that I'd say no to anything.) (Not a hint.)

Nancy Drew is a childhood fave and she reminds me of summers spent at my great-grandma's in rural West Virginia. I have many of the original 56 in the yellow hardbacks, some of them dating back to the first 50s revision, but have you seen the new covers? With the re-release of 5-8, 1-4 are now in this beyond gorgeous box set. Please Santa!

Santa is magic. And I need magic Santa to procure this for me two months early, before I explode. Please and thanks.

Gail Carriger is an autobuy for me, but I've gotten two books behind! My copies of The Parasol Protectorate are half ebooks/half trade, but with the Finishing School series, I somehow started collecting hardcovers. Santa can sort that out for me.

I had my top book of 2014 in hardcover. It was beautiful and the star of my yellow shelf. And then I loaned it away. ;_;

You know how gorgeous this book is. I know how gorgeous this book is. Santa knows how gorgeous this book is.

I vastly prefer physical copies of art and craft books and Ekaterina is probably the greatest modular folder putting out diagrams right now. I would basically give a foot to have half her talent, but Santa could at least give me a leg up with her books.

Have you seen this set? I die. I literally die.

OK, how many copies of the Dunk and Egg books does one woman really need? At least one more when you see the illustrations Gianni did. Chop chop, Claus. 

I can't believe I haven't got Winter yet! Another autobuy author that I have the whole series in hardback and I forgot to buy the last book. Definitely need to rectify this, Sants. 

The Stories of Ray Bradbury is the most important book of my teenage years. My library had this 1980s cover and I wasn't seen without it for two years. I checked it out so many times I filled the pocket card. I have the rerelease, which is beautiful, but there's something about the truly hideous combination of tangerine and fuchsia that I want more than anything. 

So, what about you guys? Are you book hoarders, hoping Santa brings you anything and everything? Or are you more of a collector with your eyes on box sets and leatherbounds? 


  1. Excellent list! Winter is such a pretty hardback and I NEED A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms!! Gail Carriger is an autobuy author for me as well; I have both of those but need to read them! Love the Nancy Drew redesigns, they're all so pretty!! Hope you get all the books :)))

    1. I think AKotSK is like my number one. I've only read Mystery Knight once and with all the Blackfyre info in the World, I'm so ready for a reread.

    2. I just read all three and GOD I NEED THIS TARGARYEN HISTORY BOOK NAAAOW

  2. Morgan -- get ready to spend a lot of time on the ASOIAF wikia after AKotSK! I know I did, looking up and refreshing my memory on the Targaryens and Blackfyres!


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