Dani and Jessie's July Recap

Monday, August 1, 2016
Ok guys, so you know what I love? 


Crazy, right? Seriously though, I had the most productive, amazing month in a long time. My library participates with hoopla (we'd better, I found out it's headquartered like 2 minutes from my high school?) so I'm on a major graphic novel kick.I got to participate in two super fun tags and my reviews were all pretty positive. I have to say if this is my summer, bring on August. (Please. It's so hot. I'm dead inside.)

Books Read: 16

Favorites: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass #4)
The Wrong Side of Magic by Janette Rallison
The Wicked + The Divine: The Faust Act by Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine #1-5)
Saga Deluxe, Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughn (Saga #1-18)

Reviews Posted: The Rat Prince by Bridget Hodder
A Week of Mondays by Jessica Brody
Backlist Review: When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James

Fun Stuff: The Hamilton Book Tag
Pokemon Go Book Tag

Books Bought: Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson
Mistborn: Secret History by Brandon Sanderson
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R.R. Martin

Unfortunately, Jessie's July wasn't quite as great as mine and she's on a little hiatus for personal life issues that I will karate chop in the face. I know she's beyond stoked to have hit
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books read for the year, which is amazing. So even though she told me not to bother, we're going to link up her month anyway so you can all see that even on a hiatus, she still posts more than moi. 

Books Read: 22

Favorites:  Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn

Reviews Posted: The Copper Promise by Jen Williams
Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine
This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab
Two Minute Review: The Waking Fire by Anthony Ryan
The Regulars by Georgia Clark
Learning to Swear in America by Katie Kennedy
Two Minute Review: The Gilded Cage by Lucinda Gray
Book Tour Review and Giveaway: Arabella of Mars by David D. Levine

Fun Stuff:
The Captain America Book Tag
Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things About Jessie

Bookstagram of July:

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  1. Yay you both are awesome!!! I'm glad you've had such a good reading month Dani! I still need to read A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. And Queen of Shadows is so gooooooood. Sorry there is stuff going on Jessie, but at least Hawaii <3 And yeah you always kick bookish ass hahaha. Summers at Castle Auburn seems to be the book to read! YAY CAPTAIN AMERICAAAAAAA!!


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